Bath's Annual Fringe Visual Arts Festival
FAB is Bath's only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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Meet the Artists!

Click on the artists' or artist group's name to find out which show they are part of. If a name appears more than once, they are in more than one show.

Eventually all 2014 artists will be listed below (I'll get there, give me time).

Aaron Distler

Adam Garratt

Adrian Pawley

Adrian Pawley

Aiden Strickland

Alana Tyson

Alex Blakey

Alex Blakey

Alex Newton

Alex Roberts

Alex Wilk

Alexander Hamilton

Alexandre Woelffel

Alison Shanks


Amanda Cornelius

Andrew Payne

Ann Toplis

Anna Kot

Anna Kot

Anna Kot

Anna Kot

Anna Robson

Annabel Crocker-Mellor

Annalies Egli

Anne White

Annie Metherell Wright

Anwyl-Cooper Willis

Austin Sherlaw-Johnson

Aya Kasai

Aya Kasai

Bella Barton

Ben Gooding

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes

Benjamin Else

Bernard Fairhurst

Beryl Desmond

Bill Jackson


Broose Dickinson

Caitriona Dunnet

Camilla Nelson

Carl Gent

Carol Laider

Carol Tonge 

Caroline Heaton

Caroline Wilkins

Celina Garcia-Leoni

Cerys Thomas

Chaucer Cameron

Chloe Dowsett

Chris Robinson

Christine Ames

Christine Holley

Christine Smith

Claire Davis

Clare Lloyd

Claire Manning

Contemporary Arts ReSearch Unit (CARU)

Dan Hampson

David Burrows

David Chalkley

Deborah Hooper

Diana Lockwood

Dominic Pote

Dominic Pote

Dragomir Mišina

Ed Simpson and Oliver Herbert - PLAZA

Ed Willis

Elaine Breen

Elizabeth Hodson

Ellie Johnson-Bullock

Elliot Conway

Emili Bermudez

Emma Moody-Smith

Emma Rose

Eva Rudlinger

Evelyn Harvey

Fay Stevens

Faye Griffiths

Felicity Bowers

Felicity Bowers

 Felicity Roma Bowers

Fez Parker

Fine Line Art

Fiona Miller

Flavia Coube

Fran Quaterman

Francis Mosley

Geoff Dunlop

George Chislett

Georgia Hall

Georgia Lacovou

Gillian Adair McFarland

Gillian McFarland

Gillian McFarland/Boyle

Guy Bigland

Ha Thu Nguyen

Hannah Blight Anderson

Hannah Cawthorne

Hannah Medworth

Hannah Wilmshurst 

Helen Dewberry

Helen Lord

Irene Phillips

Irina and Silviu Szekely

James Merrick

Jane Phillips

Jane Widdowson

Janice Botterill

 Jason Brown

Jasmine O’Rourke

Jem Roberts

Jemma Gunning

Jerome Fletcher

Jessica Wetherly

Jimmy Sparks

Jody Hamblin

Joe Tymkow

Joella Wheatley

Jon Leahy

Jon Lord

John Grieve

John Robinson

John Taylor

Joseph Ismail

Julie Cassels

Julie-Christian Young

Juliet Middleton-Batts

Juraj Prodaj

Kate Broadhurst

Kate Marshall

Kate O'Donnell

Kate Parrott

Katie O’Brien

Katie O'Brien

Klaus Pinter

Karen Wood

Laura Frances Doggett

Laura Jones

Leah Crews

Lee Niel

Lee Riley

Leona Jones

Liz Milner

Lorna Bode

Lorna Pridmore

Lou Abercrombie

Lucinda Young 

Lucy Rolfe

Maggie Hunter

Maggie Gibb

Malcolm Atkins

Marc Parrett

Marisa Culatto

Mark Liebenrood

Mark Parkinson

Marlis Garner

Mary Caron-Courtney

Mary Caron Courntey

Mary Jane Evans

Mary-Jane Evans

Matthew Holland

Megan Hoyle

Mel Kew

Melanie King

Melissa Wraxall

Melissa Wraxall

Melody Grossman

Mervyn Heard

Michele Whiting

Mike Tooby


Nancy Mitchell

Natalie Williams

Neill Fuller

Nicholas Hennell-Foley

Nicholas Vaughan

Nimmi Naidoo

Oliver Goodson

Oliver Herbert and Ed Simpson - PLAZA

Olivia Bax

Olivia Jones

Oriane Le Cheminant 

Otto Dettmer

Paola Esposito

Pat Jamieson

Pat Gregory

Pat Toplis

Patrick Graham

Pawel Stasiewicz

Peta Lloyd

Peta Lloyd

Pippa Andrews

PLAZA - Ed Simpson and Oliver Herbert

Polly Kelsall

Poppy James

Rachel Smith

Richard Fox

Robert Good

Robert Lee

Roberta Hopkins

Ronis Varlaam

Rosie Breeden

Rowan Lear

Ryan Quarterman

Sally Brooks

Sally Waterman

Sam Kidel

Sam Roberts

Sam White

Samuel Roberts

Sarah Dowling 

Sarah Isaacs

Sarah Johnston

Sarah Johnston

Sarah Knight

Seeta Muller

Shirley Pegna

Sophie Erin Cooper

Stanley Donwood

Stavroula Kounadea

Steve Fossey

Steve Mills

Steven Mills 

Steve Talbot

Stu Burke

Stuart De Ville

Susan Brinkhurst

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Susan Francis

Susan Richardson

Susan Sloane

Susannah Critchley

Sveta Antonova

Tamsin Taylor

Tanya Harris

Tessa Farlow

Tim Russell

Timothy Shepard

Tom Cox

Tommy Cha

Tracey Page

Vanessa Braun

Vanessa Braun

Veronica Cordova De La Rosa

Victoria Jones

Vivienne Spencer

Wendy Batt

Yvonne Elston