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48 Hours Notice

At a time unknown and theme not yet revealed, a group of selected artists will be given a theme… with the objective of creating new artwork (within 48 Hours) for this exhibition.  

The 48 Hours notice project is very much about exploring the process of creativity to initiate a dialogue between the audience, artists, artworks and the space. Every idea and response is valid.


48 Hours Notice

FaB + 44AD artspace 


48 hours notice

An Open Call for Artists, Curators and Promoters!

FaB & 44AD artspace are looking for innovative artists, curators and promoters to be part of an exciting project called 48 hours notice.

In the first instance..

To be considered for selection as a 48 hour artist please read the info below and email 2 X digital images of your recent artwork to by 14th Feb 2015

A few things regarding a 48 hours notice exhibition..

At a time unknown... the group of selected 48 hours notice artists will be emailed at random by the 48 hours notice team; with the objective of creating work for an exhibition. This random email will include a word or a sentence (a title) with which artists will then have 48 hours to respond to - with the aim of making an artwork for an exhibition that will be on display very shortly afterwards…

As each 48 Hours notice exhibition revolves around the making and exhibiting of artworks at a very short notice, there is no pressure to create a masterpiece (your submitted artwork can even be a work in progress). The 48 Hours notice project is very much about exploring the process of creativity, with the aim of initiating a dialogue between the audience, artist/artworks and the space. Every idea and response is valid.

All mediums are accepted for a 48 hours notice exhibition and your work can be made during/site specific/performance based… at the opening and/or throughout the duration of the show.

In the past, we have had several long distant/international applicants. If you are unable to make the hand in and your work is video installation/sound art/something that can be sent/drop-boxed etc. please feel free to do so.

Each artist taking part in a 48 hours notice exhibition will be required to pay £10 towards exhibition expenses and (if possible) to help out with invigilating the show.  

Follow the link to visit the 44AD artspace website