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FAB is Baths only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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Action on Hearing Loss Bath Workshop

Action on Hearing Loss Bath Workshop is part of a full-time Educational Day Service which supports adults who are Deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind all of whom have additional needs, for example Autism, dementia, learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, mental health illness and so on. The service provides a rich tapestry of activities including art, craft, ceramics, woodwork, card-making and more.


Visit us for a diverse show featuring original paintings, drawings, ceramics, woodwork, sculpture and other varied, mixed-media work: all made by the talented people who use our service and available at affordable prices. You will be able to meet some of the people, who are always happy to chat about what they do and explain their current projects, whilst they are busy creating. You will also see work inspired by other Artists through many links such as visits to local exhibitions, workshops and community events. We encourage everyone to be creative and enjoy themselves, giving them a real sense of community whilst promoting their independence.

There’s a small gift shop on site, where the people we support help to sell their products. You can order products such as mirrors, footstools, gift cards, ceramics and picture frames in person or online; specifying your requirements and getting a truly unique product. You’ll see pictures of product samples, but your piece will be tailored to your colour preferences, size and taste.

We are the only service of its kind in the country for Action on Hearing Loss. We are open weekdays between 10:00 and 4:00 for visitors. We are situated at the bottom of the Wells Road next door to Great Western Wine and there is some parking available. Disabled access. (Not open weekends.) 

Action on Hearing Loss, Care and Support Services, Educational Day Services, Units 1 and 2, Wells Road, Bath BA2 3AP

01225 336 125        07753 580 397