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From Artist's Hand to Child's Hand

Picture books are the first step in the child’s future reading habits. As adults we concentrate on the text and expect to read a fascinating story, but children are often more influenced by the pictures rather than the story itself. That is why I think that the quality of artworks in picture books is so important. Each book has the potential to be a “mini fine art exhibition” carefully curated by the author, publisher and the parent who chooses which book a child should see. But in this exhibition all those middlemen will be skipped and the art will go straight from artist’s hand to child’s hand.

There will be "story time" readings of the books and illustration workshops with children.

Curated by Rita Lazaro

Venue: FaB at Milsom Place, Milsom Street, BA1 1BZ
Open 10am to 6pm - Sat 27 May to Sat 10 June
and 10am to 3pm Sun 11 June


Open call closed! 

Thank you everyone who submited their work to "From Artist's Hand To Child's Hand". I am very happy to have received such a variety of artwork all of which in great quality. The selection process will be tough and I will be come back to you mid April, after we had our selection committee. 

Meanwhile, for more updates follow @FringeArtsBath or me @RitaLazaroArt on Twitter and Instagram. For this anything related to this exhibition use #ArtistChild.

Will be in touch soon.



Logo challenge

This is my version of the logo for this exhibition. It would be great to have some other sketches illustrating the idea. If you like the challenge send your sketches and ideas my way. Rita at