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Final Preparations

Choosing the final photos for our exhibition proved to be a HUGE task! Trying to give as many people an opportunity to display as possible without having images that were too similar was actually very difficult. We eventually came up with our final list of entries and were really pleased that almost everyone we asked wanted to be a part of the show.

The photos were printed last week and I have spent the last few days frantically mounting and cutting the images. Today I visited the venue and worked out exactly where each image would hang and over the next couple of days we will be busy with all of the final preparations, making sure each image is hung horizontally, matching info cards to the correct photos and generally making the exhibition as perfect as we can get it ready for opening night on Friday.

We are hoping for a big turnout on opening night and I can already tell that excitement is building amongst our photowalkers! 



The Shortlist is Ready!

So after much deliberation (and the removal of some of our favourite photos) we have finally managed to put together our shortlist of images. Ironically our "short" list has ended up being rather on the long side! After aiming to gather together 50 images, we decided to include 70 as we just couldn't bear to get rid of any more pictures.

If you would like to see which images made the shortlist then please take a look at the album on Pixie. After you have viewed all of the amazing images, perhaps you would like to help us choose which images to display at the exhibition?! If so, you can vote for your favourites here. But be quick - the survey will only be open until 26th April.


Exhibition Excitement!

The members of Bath Photowalk are all very excited about our first exhbition which will be taking place during Fringe Arts Bath 2013.

We're currently busy sorting through the hundreds of photos that our members have taken during our photowalks over the last couple of years and trying to decide which images we want to showcase at the exhibition! We have so many interesting and unique images that it is proving to be quite a difficult task!

It's going to be a busy few weeks in the run-up to the exhibition launch thats for sure!