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How is belonging expressed? What does it mean to belong? What about the sense of not belonging?  Discover belongings lost and found in this exhibition of photographs, paintings, interactive installations and real-life stories.


Curator's notes.


Laura Boffin and Vicky Hodgson capture individuals displaying their group identity. Boffin’s Bells, Hankies, Stick and Hodgson’s The Calling demonstrate the power of clothing.

Gabby Dempster, Carolyn Savidge, and the W.I.N. Collective explore how experience and memory can shape a sense of belonging. Dempster maps her fragile recollection of locations in Passing Through, all the places I've ever slept in. Savidge tucks the kernel of a vibrant memorial into A Biscuit Tin of Memories. The W.I.N. Collective tells of childhood and family in their audio-piece Home Truths. 

Rosemary Ashton and Margaret Godel deal with the tangible. They notice how the stuff we accumulate becomes a mirror; that our belongings reflect who we are. In It’s better than no life at all (III) Ashton offers up her hoarded treasures. Godel signals her affection for her unwearable dresses in Afterlife.

Andrea Carr and Natasha Solomons play with this dynamic between belonging and belongings. In Orlando’s Suitcase, Carr investigates how owner and object influence each other. Solomons, in A Suitcase Story, invites us to meet the owner of a suitcase, yet gives us only objects. 

Clare Carswell considers the meaning that belongings bestow on their owner. In Findings Carswell speaks about the wide-ranging impact of loosing all her possessions.

Cassie Ireland also looks at disruption. In Who does she think she is? Ireland makes a stand against those who challenge her place in the world.

Mervenil Emiroglu confronts us with total displacement. Emiroglu’s Circus Animals portray the poignancy of not belonging.

Sonia Boue in her performance piece Unpacking Exile asks questions about the im/possibility of belonging for the exile.


Performance by Sonia Boue

Sonia will be performing on Saturday 23rd May 2pm.  Here's a taster Unpacking Exile - Video



Cassie Ireland is a Bristol based artist, working in mixed media, blurring the boundary between craft and fine art. She creates narrative pieces that encourage the audience to discuss the stories that she tells through her characters. In Who does she think she is? Cassie notices how our sense of belonging can become disrupted.






W.I.N. is a collective of five artists from the UAE. Nivedita Saha, Elina Dutta, Faiza Aliya Abbasi, Hassina Sakhri, and Sharmistha Chatterjee. In Home Truths W.I.N. brings together narratives, personal essays and introspective experiences of belonging to provide an immersive audio work for the visitor.



Natasha Solomons is a photographer and installation artist. She gained a BA(Hons) in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics in 1984, and more recently an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts(Contemporary Art) from Oxford Brookes University in 2011. Intrinsic to her work is the desire to open a space in which the viewer can create their own narrative. In A Suitcase Story Natasha offers a collaborative project between artist and viewer to explore the dyanamic between values, beliefs and belonging.