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Between A and Bee

Global Bee Project and Walking the Land will be giving a talk on Thurs June 3nd starting at 7pm at the Octagon, Milsom Place 
Global Bee Project and Walking the Land present their scientific and artistic pollen gathered whilst walking the Cotswold Way between Stroud and Bath. Together we will have explored our associations with bees, making art, data collection and creating bee habitats.
The project will raise awareness of bees becoming endangered, their role and our relationship with them in the landscape.
We are planning to walk between Stroud and Bath and back again at the beginning of June to link the Bath Fringe and Stroud Visual Arts Festivals – some cultural cross pollination – accommodation on the walk may be limited but people can join in for a part of the walk.
On the walk we will be making art - collecting “pollen” in the form of still and moving images, words and found objects - our response to the plants and the essential role of bees in the landscape. We will be walking the Cotswold Way, maybe with a few detours to take in particular places such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, National Trust estates, orchards etc.

We are proposing a small event in Stroud to mark our departure – a talk on bees and what we propose to do on the walk.

We will mark our arrival in Bath with a talk  on Bees and to show some of the work we will have collected.