Bath's Annual Fringe Visual Arts Festival
FAB is Bath's only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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Eleven performance artists have submitted work that deals with moments of tension and change, closeness or distance. Work that shows a concern with limited time - metaphysical, emotional, numerical, change and the body, and a consciousness of the temporal nature of performance. Please see FaB website for performance dates and times.

Curated by Vicky Vatcher

Venue: FaB 2, 94 Walcot Street, BA1 5BG
Open 10am to 6pm - Sat 27 May to Sat 10 June
and 10am to 3pm Sun 11 June


'Insights' by Matlakas (visual philosopher), final performance for between, presented in in collaboration with Embodied Cartographies, Walcot Chapel, Saturday 10 June, 5pm


The Stanley Miller Project - SGS College BA Drama and Performance Students

A durational piece of three performances one after another

12 noon, Mon 5th June, at FaB 1, 15 New Bond Street, Bath BA1 1BA

'Let's say you are given a dead persons belongings.
What would you do with it all?
What are the ethics of going through their stuff?
How might you use these things to make the person 'present' again - if only for a moment?

All the material used in this performance were found in two boxes left behind by the playwright Stanley Miller. We have reused, re-animated and given a new aura to this man, who we have become very fond of. It is the centenary of his birth this year and we think he would be delighted that some of his work will be at FaB.'

The Stanley Miller Project - SGS College BA Drama and Performance Students.


Lin Li & Niall Farnan Two performances

Saturday 3 & 5 94 Walcot St.


Lin Li  - BETWEEN Wait for us, Time


Niall Farnan - Body of work in progress - Homage to Elagabalus