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FAB is Bath's only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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Meet The Artists: Faye Griffiths

Polaroid Travels

Since starting to teach Photography in the area, I have been drawn to ways I can create through new photographic methods. When my partner bought me an old Polaroid 104 Camera, I was hooked on the idea of icreating images and capturing my travels instantaneously . Travellling has been a strong part of my work for a number of years, it has always taken me back to my photographic work and made me reconnect with my craft.

The book starts in the new year, experimenting with double exposure, going through to places of significance in my past and future. The words accompanying each section are thoughts and captions that remind me of each location. Each image holds it's own story but together share much more, a reawakening from the mound of paper work life had become.

I strongly believe to teach a subject you must be active within it. As I don't have the hours to lovingly spend in my darkroom, the fact I can show my students my methods of working and capture their imaginations through my unorthodox alterations means I have succeeded in my mission to excite, create and stimulate the imagination of others.


Building Volumes- Exhibiting Artists

Here's the full line up of exhibiting Artists in Building Volumes....


Neill Fuller  /  Sarah Knight  /  Juraj Prodaj  /  Ben Hughes  /  Mary-Jane Evans   /  Sally Brooks  

Alex Wilk  / Mel Kew /  Georgia Hall  /  Felicity Bowers  /  Lorna Pridmore  /  Jane Phillips

Jemma Gunning  /  Otto Dettmer  /  Carol Tonge  /  Irina and Silviu Szekely

Adam Garratt  /  Vanessa Braun  /  Gillian McFarland  /  Faye Griffiths  /  Deborah Hooper

Alex Blakey  /  Laura Jones  /  Jenny Wylie


Meet the Artists: Gillian McFarland

Working with disturbances of the surface , Gillian produces intricate tattooed images onto paper. She has exhibited widely and received awards from the Royal Scottish Academy, The Society of Scottish Artists and Fringe Arts Bath. She currently travels and works between Bath and Fife.

My work is a response to the detail of life; the familiarity and reassurance of repetitive tasks we all feel safe in and the impact of external and unpredictable factors on these. I am interested in harmful behaviours and the wear and tear of living on ourselves and our environment. Themes of 'wearing out' and 'holding together' through 'puncture pictures' and 'stainings'. I am particularly interested in the paper at the points when it is only just holding together. The ink blots counter the deliberate safety of the repetitive action of pinning. I like the sense of 'risk' inherent in these works and the obvious reference to Rorschach inkblots. The idea of symmetry, of two sides to an image and the replaying of an action or ritual in reverse to close or finish a piece appeals to me.



Meet the Artists: Neill Fuller

A few words from the Artist...

''My work brings together in small still life paintings, a cast of objects that have both an autobiographical and collective resonance.  

I am attracted by an object’s ability or attempts to successfully and unsuccessfully represent or ape something from the real world. This leads me to seek-out and both the mass-produced and the handmade, the unsophisticated and the seemingly faithful replica.

Much of what is depicted has already been processed, simplified and distilled in both form and colour by machine or by hand. In some works, disparate objects are brought together like props to construct new, ‘jerry-built’ versions of other objects or spaces – a jukebox, a temple, a jetty.

Recent exhibitions include the 2014 Open West, The Zeitgeist Arts Open, London; ‘The Hot-One-Hundred’, Schwartz Gallery, London; ‘Now Wakes The Sea’, Kinsale, Co. Cork, a solo show at the Parlour Showrooms, Bristol. He was also awarded The 2013 Blackswan Arts Prize. 


Meet The Artists: Irina & Silviu Szekely

Collage & Photomontage Artists Irina and Silviu

// cut & paste // scissors & glue // togetherness & otherness //