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"Beautiful murmurs"

Author: Eloise Govier.

Sound ethnographer Tom Rice (University of Exeter) spent a year as an Honorary Observer at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. The anthropologist has written extensively about the sounds he found in the hospital ward, and how these soundscapes impacted upon those inhabiting the space.   

The hospital, the body, the sounds... 

Some of the sounds that he talks about are the "beautiful murmurs" heard at the end of a stethoscope. 

Rice explains: "Normally, when blood flows across the valves as the heart pumps it does so smoothly, meaning that the only sounds that can be heard are the two closing snaps of the valves which create the heart beat. Damage to the valves, or valve dysfunction, however, can cause the blood flow to become turbulent, and this turbulence produces a sound known as a 'murmur'." (2008: 298).

Listening to the heart is an evocative reminder of the internal 'busyness' of the body; the ongoing rhythms of activity that allow the body, as an event, to transpire/emerge/become.

The Cartesian Cut? exhibition will showcase artists who are engaging sensitively with the body and exploring multi-sensorial formats and mediums in their creative practice.    

Free submission: email, deadline 14/03/16



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