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Homeless Children


Left, right, no-comment

It has been an interesting day in Bath, meeting people from different organisations with very different opinions about poverty in the area. The visual affluence of the area is a mask of genuine poverty in parts of the county that are very real. I am inspired by the generosity of people to support one another in places such as the food banks in Bath, but am crushed by the opinions of senior govermental people who have archaic opinions on single parent dependency on state support for intentional economic purposes. I can not help having a very human and emotional reaction to everything I have engaged with today that makes me angry and elated. When talking to Citizens Advice today they showed my the live feed of results that they have access to which is a real insight into peoples needs, I find it fascinating and can absolutely see the potential of creating a film work with it. Above is a screen shot I have taken.

- Amelia  


Time in Bath

Today is the first of three days I am spending in Bath and the local area. Today I met with Caroline Dowson from Keynsham Council. We talked for a long time about what it is she is working on and what support is provided as well as the current political climate and how this affects what the council can offer to those in need. We particularly focused on talking about child poverty. I was very inspired by Caroline's passion for what she does, and the energy she is putting into her work which is slowly being squashed by central government funding cuts. These cuts in time are going to create a system that has little to no capacity to work preventively with poverty, meaning that in several years we are likely to see the results of lost generations who can not be supported through preventative measures. In essence delaying the effects of poverty.  

The above video is one of the schemes Caroline mentioned during our conversation, who I am hoping to meet this week.

- Amelia


Looking at the research 

This video is what got me interested in working with the Centre for Analysis of Social Policy. I find it incredibly moving and important, it inspires me to work with the centre, and try and make a work that can carry an important message. Having just re-watched the video whilst looking at Tess Ridge's other papers gives me even more urgency. 

- Amelia 


Early Conversations

Its been a few weeks since meeting with Tess Ridge, Adrian Burgess and Beth Jaynes. I was incredibly inspired by their research interests and what they have been working with. For me the Centre for Analysis of Social Policy seems incredibly relevant and important in contemporary society, and this is something I would really like to emphasise in the work I eventually end up making with them. 

I have always had an interest in socialogy and politics and over the past years have felt an intense desire to make work that can have a commentary or critical reflection on society in a way that politics does not have the possibility to do. In this way I hope that this project will enable their research to be seen in a different way by people who may not have otherwise been interested.

From our first conversation we talked about both my work and theirs in relation to newspapers. I have been working with newspapers to explore the language and politics that represent the characteristics of each paper. This often materialises as a score or a script for performance. With this as a common start point, I have been interested to further expand on an existing work Playing the News (which uses newspapers as a musical and spoken score) and make a video performance in Bath. This would be a supportive work on the project, rather than the final outcome of the process.

I have just received a lot of material from Tess about her research and am looking forward to reading through all the material.

- Amelia