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I have been working on the exhibition build for 'Winterfest' Fringe Art Bath 'Expressions of Research' with work in progress and it is coming together. Showing work in progress or process is always a tricky one, some artists will never entertain such a risky vulnerablility and even with the years that I have behind me and extensive 40 year profile, it is no easy matter.

So why do it?

I am changing the way I work and challenging myself to push the boundaries and that means getting out of the comfort zone again looking for something to emerge in another new context. I will be at 94 Walcott Street next week during the day on Monday and Tuesday Mornings and there is also an oportunity to add your feedback and contribution to the project on the work desk installation on the right in the photo

Here is an image of the poem that the work has culminated towards thus far

And the link to a YouTube version with associated imagry

The exhibition is an oportunity for me to see the work in a different way to present it as work in progress but also reflect on both the work intself and the responses of others in order to move it on towards exhibition at 'The Edge' 16th - 23rd of January. The start of a new year perhaps the start of a new body of work and exploration of new pathways and direction for the work.


Andrew Henon

I am working with Dr Christos Vasilakis MSc, PhD and his team within the 'Centre for Healthcare Innovation and improvement (CHI2)

Thus far it has been challenging and inspirational. Particularly challenging in that the work engages with Computer Modelling of Systems and the content of the serious issues involved. Specific issues of Blood supply for Mass Transfusion in response to the demands of Mass Casualty Events. I am choosing to opt for the development and production of a small collection of poems, perhaps as a long poem combined with images, text and possibly moving image and narrative sound performance.

I am looking foreward to Winterfest and showing work in process.

These are some of the things I have explored

  • Chaos theory using two magnets and a pendulumn paint filled bottle to capture the attraction and repulsion with gravity and how small changes in start positions build up to big shifts and the dificulties of maintaining standardised conditions.


  • Attractor patterns drawing forward and back motions with pencil and paper

  • Magnetic drawing using iron rust on paper with magnet underneath to create forms
  • Chromatography and a range of 13 different maker pens and one pot of indian ink, Water, White Spirit, Methalated Spririt, Vinegar, Lemon, Acitone Free Celulose Thinner and Turpentine as a solvent.

  • Photographic layering of images
  • Writing and drawing
  • Poetry and the fragmented long poetic form

With such limited time it has been frustrating not to be able to explore these elements in more depth however the result of impending deadlines has focussed the mind and activity down to an apropriate focus on the poetry as a structure and framework.