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FAB is Bath's only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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Art Vanguard Installation

The Art Vanguard night installation of fimed perfromances and conversation at FAB2 looked and sounded great tonite !


Meet the Artists: Art Vanguard


Art Vanguard's mission is to organize events, performances, and workshops that cultivate each artist‘s innate talent, help connect with other artists, and encourage cooperation among different forms of art. They aim to generate a dialogue between artists and audiences, and challenge young people from various art mediums to create an innovative and forward-looking voice of their own.

Sophro x Atipyka

An all-night durational looped film shown in the window of Fringe Arts Bath 2 (94 Walcot Street), Saturday June 11th, 6pm onwards.

Sophro x Atipyka is an audio-visual collaboration between a three piece soul-electronica band and a visual artist Carlos Bernal curated by Art Vanguard. It is an ongoing project trying to challenge the conventional setting of a staged gig and explore other options of creating a mesmerising experience of sounds and responsive visuals for our audience. A few days into the creative process, we ended up making a triangular structure covered in a semi-transparent material, disguising both the band members and Carlos within the shape and performing all the elements live. The latter ...idea was first executed during the launch event of Sophro’s debut EP Gone For Now and is now in a process of transformation. Who knows what we will think of next?

This time we are re-visiting our project in more reflective than on-hands performance. Being part of this Colloquy is a challenging yet curious experiment for which we have made a special short film ‘In Conversation’. Having had developing this collaboration of visual art and music performance for a year now, we are giving our perspective on this experience involving all three parties – band members, visual artists and us, curators.

1. Sophro x Atipyka performing live (2:01)
2. Sophro x Atipyka rehearsal (4:35)
3. In Conversation (16:22)

Vocals,Keys/ Deimante Pranckeviciute
Drums/ Aden George Peets
Bass/ Alec Stockton
Visuals/ Carlos Bernal
Curators/ Sunny Kersyte, Ruta Skudraite





the clock or the calender: film


the clock or the calender

A fantastically nuanced, site specific and engaging performance today by Suze de Lee. Held within the exhibition 'White and Black' curated by Vicky Vatcher.


Performance No.1 Stitch: Film