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Connect & Create

Curated by Jess Holtaway and Paula Serafini
Submission deadline has now passed.

Bath is not only a beautiful heritage city, it is a creative hub in which grassroots political campaigns and community ownership initiatives are at the heart of its culture.  We invite local artists to reflect on and respond to issues that matter to local people.  We welcome proposals (of approximately 300 words) for one-off participatory creative workshops that address, or link to, current campaigns and community projects in Bath.


Thank you!

Thanks to all who came along to Connect & Create on Saturday!  Here are a few snapshots of the day:

The Townarium
Small Gathering for Big Thoughts
Small Gathering for Big Thoughts


May 28th, 3pm - 6pm, meeting at the Back Bar at The Bell Inn. Free to attend, registration required.

Photographer and designer David Gillet leads a workshop that invites participants to engage in creative collaboration and explore how photography might be used for social change.  In association with Save Bathampton Meadows.

The workshop opens with a brief introduction and some examples of how photography has been used in activism. This is followed by a practical session in which small groups are invited to go out on to the streets of Bath with their cameras and interpret the theme of "change". Be inspired and inspire.

Please bring with you:

- Camera (or camera phone) 
- USB cable to connect camera to a computer (or an SD/Micro SD is fine instead) 
- Practical outdoor clothing
Please email us at to secure your space.




The Townarium

May 28th 10:00 - 15:00, The Back Bar at The Bell Inn. Free to attend, drop-in session.


Imagine the perfect city with artists Ali Brown and Carrie Love.

The Townarium is centred in finding our motivations, what excites us, valuing what we have to share with each other to make a vibrant and inspirational community for the future.

This is a family-oriented drop-in session open to people of all ages. Participants will map out and illustrate their ideal city through a series of creative exercises.



Small Gatherings for Big Thoughts

May 28th, 11am-3pm, The Back Bar at The Bell Inn. Free to attend, registration required.


Small Gatherings for Big Thoughts is an invitation to bring your own ingredients, meet a stranger and cook together without a recipe. Open to a small group of people, it explores ideas of how we can come together with our differences and co-create new possibilities through food and the act of cooking.

In this arena, where personal and intimate moments are shared, we can travel across the world through imagination. Here encounters come together to reveal their interconnectedness to the world as well as their economical interdependency. In fact our choices as consumers are also brought to the table transporting us right in the heart of a contradictory capitalistic system in which foods move more speedily and freely then human beings.

How to participate?

Please email us at to secure your space.

On the day, please bring along 3 ingredients for cooking together.

For example you could bring: Herbs, Spices, Oils, Condiments, Grains (e.g. Rice), Fruits and Vegetables. 

To ensure the workshop is suitable for vegetarians and vegans (and for health and safety reasons), please do not bring pre-cooked foods, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and alcohol.


Open to all, but we particularly welcome local activists and campaigners and anyone interested in initiatives for social change in Bath.




Luisa Spina is a London based mix-media artist and social sculptor. She completed a degree in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design and a Masters of Arts in Social Sculpture at Oxford Brookes University under the supervision of Professor Shelley Sacks, former pupil of artist Joseph Beuys and director of the Social Sculpture Research Unit.


Small Gatherings for Big Thoughts is part of Connect and Create, a project looking to create new work, generate connections, and document initiatives for social change in Bath. The project is curated by Jess Holtaway and Paula Serafini.


Mapping Initiatives for Change in Bath

Bath is known for being a beautiful world heritage centre, but there is so much more to the city than first meets the eye.  Bath is home to grassroots political campaigns and community ownership initiatives. The city features radical contemporary creatives and campaigners. Local artists, writers, musicians and performers are generating reflective discourses around local and global issues.  Many are responding to ecological and social crises and others are developing new feminist strategies within cultural and political frameworks. 

With this in mind, Create & Connect will be a day of workshops led by artists/educators/campaigners exploring initiatives for change in Bath through participatory creative sessions open to the general public. The idea is that the artwork, connections, and experiences that emerge out of this one day event will provide a basis for an exhibition later in the year: Creative Cartographies: Mapping Initiatives for Change in Bath.

We propose Creative Cartographies as an opportunity to collectively map all the exciting community projects and campaigns that are taking place in the city.  The exhibition will aim to foster connections between artists, campaigners and the general public, and generate new artworks to act as testimonies to the issues that matter to local people, and to projects that are advancing change in the city. We want to showcase local artistic talent and provide opportunities for local residents to participate in creative interventions throughout the city during and beyond the timeframe of the exhibition.

The exhibition will act as a space for showcasing and creating new work. We will publish an open call for artwork in any media that addresses, or links to, current campaigns, community projects or activist initiatives based in Bath. The work received through the open call will create the basis for the exhibition. Once the exhibition opens to the public, there will be a programme of open events. These will include performances, discussion sessions, and workshops led by artists and/or campaigners, with the objective of creating new work that responds to initiatives for change in Bath. Work produced by the general public during these events will contribute to expanding the exhibition, which will grow as people engage with it. We will tailor events to different sectors of the community, so as to include a wide range of people and experiences.

If you are interested in taking part of Create & Connect and Creative Cartographies, do get in touch!


Create & Connect and Creative Cartographies: Mapping Initiatives for Change in Bath are curated by Jessica Holtaway and Paula Serafini from Politically Led Art & Network Knowledge (PLANK)