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Diegetic Life: Ghosts of the Putative

The word diegetic refers to the realities that have been constructed to be portrayed on screens. ‘Putative’ addresses the way that these depicted realities get to our screens. The putative is ‘a point of reference’; a concept that asks us to consider reality as it would have been if nobody had recorded it or portrayed it on screen. Documentary filmmaker Diane Tammes states, ‘the truth is what you actually come away with at the end.’ Contemporary technology, from broadcast cameras and CCTV to smartphones and social media, means that we can exist in other people’s lives as no more than visual representations of ourselves; in Instagram stories and Twitter feeds. Diegetic realities are coming to dominate our lives. Are they becoming our only reality, or does a ghost of the putative somehow linger? And, at the end, what truth can we come away with? Works welcome in any medium that comment on diegetic/screen based life and/or offer a response to this phenomenon.

nterested? Email to submit. Deadline Monday 27 March 2017.

Curated by Jonathon Harris.


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