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Billboard is now built and 'festooned' with work for you to come and have a look at and, if there are any you like the look of a chance to propose exchanging a piece of your work for one on the billboard. 

What you need to do is prepare (in your head) an argument for why it is a good exchange. Also where it will go on the bb - perhaps work will need to be changed around in order to accomodate your work? As such you will become an associate curator of the billboard.  

Your work will remain on the bb until such time as someone wishes to exchange their work for it, and at the end of the show the work is forwarded on to the owner of the orignal work. 

Clear about that?! 

Right, all you need to do is speak to someone on the desk to find out when I will be on site -at the moment it is Monday & Fridays 11 - 14.30 and Wednesdays 14.30 - 18.00. I'll probably be around at the weekends but at present not sure when. 

Happy swapping! 


Hello everyone - lots of submissions have been received but still room for more. Not sure when the closing date for E&a is, I know it's passed for other curated shows within FaB but I think this one is remaining open for the time being - and remember that it is free to enter, probably a reward for the bravery required to let go of one's work.

The bb is up in Worcester, in pieces ready to be transported to Bath - chippy in place to help with the build. 

BB will a Z shape with four panels, one will carry info about how to exchange and the other three will hold the work - they will be rose, primrose and sky blue, interior colours with exterior names. There will be sound and vision pieces too meaning that a flatscreen tv will need to be attached.  





Exchange & art info



What is Exchange & art?

Exchange & art is a temporary gallery space situated within Fringe Arts Bath. It will consist of a freestanding 16"x8" billboard. There will be an image pasted on the bb. On this will be hooks, shelving, flatscreen monitor etc for displaying work.

Interaction with the public comes via the discussion/exchanging of art displayed on the bb for – art brought in by artists/members of the public.

The intention is twofold - to curate a biilboard and to ascertain the perceived value of work within an everday market based upon bartering. 

How will it work?

Having entered a piece(s of) work it will then be displayed on the bb and at the close of the show you will receive back whatever your work is exchanged for: painting, film, performance or any object presented to, and accepted by E&a as an artwork. Bear in mind that your work may be exchanged several times - for instance in theory someone could exchange their work for your work, return it a day or so later and exchange it for another and then repeat the process finally ending up with their original piece. A log will be kept detailing all transactions. 

Any person bringing in work to be exchanged will be required to give proof that they have ownership of the work/object. 


Most media is acceptable - paintings, prints, drawings, 3D, film/video (there will be a monitor situated within the bb), ideas, proposals for performances etc

I'm not necessarilly looking for 'pretty' or 'meaningful' work - my head is as likely to be turned by the kitsch portrait of a playful puppy as it is by a piece of 'serious' work. All things being equal the bb will be a great leveller.  However the sum is greater than the parts and there will be no hierarchy of work. 

To submit work/ideas or for more information please contact Paul at
Please include artist's statement (max 250 words), images and dimensions of work. Please feel free to include links to websites etc.
Film should be no longer than 5 minutes in length. Please include a external link to work and state whether it is looped or not.
Deadline for applications is midnight 16th March 2014 
All successful applicants will be notified after the closing date. 
After the shows completion your work, or what it has been exchanged/traded for will be returned to you. 

Unfortunately you will be responsible for the postage costs - having said that there may be room for meeting half way etc depending upon location - please ask when applying.