Bath's Annual Fringe Visual Arts Festival
FAB is Baths only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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FaB is voluntary and non-profit, if you can help please donate, or get in touch if you are interested in sponsorship:

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The FaB17 Festival Poster is here!

Laura Coates' submission was selected as the FaB17 Festival poster

We had really varied submissions, which made choosing a difficult task, but really enjoyed the heated debates about FaB's identity, how things will stand out next to other's designs, and differences compared to FaB posters from previous years (click here to see them all).

Thank you to all who submitted - we're already looking forward to what designs next year brings!

See more of Laura's work here:



We're looking for THE poster/brand/newspaper cover for FaB 2017

An open call to all Artists, working in any technique, style or media. Deadline 07/04/17 to

What's in it for you?
£50 and the cover of 25,000 magazines, 1,000 newspapers, and a fair bit of exposure with nearly 10,000 visitors to FaB Festival and an online reach of over 100,000 people monthly.

The only guidelines:
Portrait layout, international paper proportions (A3, A4 etc). Ideally don’t use red as the main colour; the Bath Fringe Festival’s 2017 poster is red.

Info which must be included:

Fringe Arts Bath
26 May to 11 June 2017
Visual Arts Festival
Free exhibitions, performance, film

Click for logos to include:
Fringe Arts Bath. Bath Fringe Festival.

Examples of previous years’ posters:

Christian Whiting 2016


 Sebastien Price 2015

Sebastien Price 2015


"What is means to be part of Fringe Arts Bath"

Melanie Ezra, co-curator of A FaB Intervention since 2013, and FaB Artist has written an article about her experiences with Fringe Arts Bath. Awesome words, thank you Melanie.

"Fringe Arts Bath tears up any establishment rules about exhibitions and white cube spaces and encourages us all to think outside the box, smash up the box, and rework it in whatever way we see fit as creatives. The key to the festival is engagement with the public. By bringing art into the public domain Fringe Arts Bath forms an invaluable dialogue with anyone and everyone. Inclusivity is key to making it a success and it’s a great place to get artwork seen by a massive audience from all walks of life. (...)

Showing and performing at Fringe Arts Bath is not just a stepping stone to getting yourself seen on the international stage, it is the international stage!"

Read the full article here: and the exhibition/event call-out here: A FaB Intervention



Inviting Artists and Creatives to be part of FaB Festival 2017

Karolina Szpyrko - performance FaB2016

Call-out for FaB Festival 2017
Fri 26 May - Sun 11 June

We invite Artists and Creatives to respond to the 24 exhibition & event proposals below. Please see individual call-out blog pages for further information.
FaB also invites Collectives and Groups to submit exhibition proposals.

A little bit about FaB
FaB is Bath’s only annual visual arts festival. We actively promote and celebrate contemporary art, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
Non-profit and entirely run by volunteers, FaB Festival occupies ‘alternative’ exhibition spaces, from empty shops to street corners.
Performance from a FaB Intervention 2016 - ©Daz Smith 2016
A FaB Intervention: Material Responses
A multi-modal exhibition consisting of a performance event to take place over the opening weekend of FaB, and a static exhibition to run for the duration of the Fringe Arts Bath festival
The Bath Open Art Prize 2017


Artists in all mediums are invited to enter the Bath Open Art prize, now in its 6th year. Selected works will be exhibited at 44AD Artspace during FaB17. £20 per submission, deadline 28th April 2017.
Solo performer seeks members of the public to throw water at her. A variety of implements, and water, will be provided.
Performance work that deals with moments of tension and or change (possibly metaphysical, emotional, numerical, change and the body etc.); that shows a concern with limited time and a consciousness of the temporal nature of performance art.
Diegetic Life: Ghosts of the Putative
The word diegetic refers to the realities that are portrayed on screens. With lives increasingly dominated by screens, what is the reality that we are now living in and what is it likely to become? Works welcome in any medium.
Dreaming in Full
Calling all artists who investigate interdisciplinary possibilities between 'visual art' and 'theatre'. Immersive, extravagant, emotional, and dramatic - works that stretch the boundaries, rethink the definitions, and create experiences that spill over the expected between these two disciplines are welcome
Embodied Cartographies
"Walking... is how the body measures itself against the earth" Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking.
An inter-disciplinary series of events and exhibition focussing on walking as praxis, mark-making, language, performance, choreography, philosophy, wayfinding...
FaB Art Market 04/06/17
Calling contemporary artists, crafts-people and makers to exhibit and sell work at our outdoor market. Welcoming diverse, innovative, fresh artworks with a relaxed Sunday vibe and street performers. £20 per stall, no deadline:
FaB Photomarathon 29/04/17
You have 20 themes to illustrate, in the right order, in 10 hours. Do you accept the challenge? Open to all who like taking photographs, the results will be exhibited during FaB 2017. £10 entry/£5 conc. For info and to register:
Sightlines Projects invites artists of all disciplines to consider our relationship with an ever-changing world. Using 'flux' as an open-ended departure point, socio-political or technological change, shifting perspectives or the transformative nature of materials might be explored.
From Artist's to Child's Hand


Looking for original illustrations from published books (hard copies or e-books) created in classic mediums such as painting, drawing, ink, collage etc. The exhibition aims to show that books (children's picture books in particular) are collections of works of art.
Gender Fluid
A contemporary theme designed to provoke exploration about gender identity. Gender fluidity empowers one to identify as male, female, neutrois or any other non-binary identity. Be brave, be different, we are interested in exhibiting work that challenges convention.
Lost Library
A celebration of the sharing of text, using statistics of UK population’s interaction with libraries. Calling for participants to put on a suit and join in the race to update library statistics before the day is out.
The Obsessive Compulsive Practice
Looking for artists of any discipline who compile, repeat, collect, hoard, fixate, assemble, submerge or observe obsessive compulsive behaviour.
On the tip of my tongue 
Explore the conversations we struggle to have and the things that we never say. We would like to invite:
  • people living in Bath to offer their home as a exhibition space
  • Artists to ‘take over’ a house and work with the residents to create an installation
Other People Have a Nationality
A project about the feeling of home. 'Other people have a nationality‘ will try to explain how those places form, based on two open calls: one for art work, one for your personal answer to the question: 'What is home?‘
Primordial Soup
This exhibition will bring together artists whose work considers how humans and other species relate to water. I am particularly interested in how these relationships are considered critically – from an ecological, political and historical perspective.
Projected Histories
How can art that is created or presented digitally teach us more about the world we live in? What is the material of the digital? We are seeking artists who actively (critically or otherwise) engage with the lineage of digitally displayed art.
Proposals for the Public
Proposals for the Public invites artists to propose small acts or interventions into people’s everyday lives. 50 word submission, no charge for this show.
Refuge: in search of safety
We all need to feel safe. Facing loneliness, persecution, abuse, homelessness, war, stress or uncertainty, human beings are united by the need to seek refuge. This project explores what seeking, finding, giving or losing a place of safety really means
The Press Room
The Press Room seeks print-based artists for experimental live artwork inspired by propaganda, underground and anarchist presses. In this era of increasing digital surveillance and data collection could non-digital, ephemeral distribution of ideas become revolutionary again?
Submissions from Groups and Collectives
Inviting artist groups & collectives with work of a high standard that they wish to show. Submit up to 500 words with images of the work (or past works if it’s a new project).
Join the team: weekly sessions to work on festival production, festival set-up & take-down, event stewards, invigilators, photographers, data collectors and other ad-hock help.
Writer / Journalist in Residence
FaB are looking for a writer to join the FaB team to document the festival, present Curators and their projects, provide content for the FaB online blog and FaB newspaper.
How do I apply?

It is free to submit proposals (unless otherwise stated). If you are selected there is a £20 admin charge per artist, per show.
Email submissions: to the exhibition’s email address, see above. Please submit up to 500 words and accompanying images.
NB: files to be saved as a single PDF or Word doc including your name as part of every file title (BloggsJ.pdf for example).
Postal submissions: please include a SAE if you would like your work returned, and send entries to: (Project Title), Fringe Arts Bath, 103 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BW

Submission deadline is 27th March 2017 unless otherwise specified.

We need kids! 

We're looking for 3 kids for a performance at the opening of the Expressions of Research show at Bath Uni on Thurs 19th, free pizza, think yours/any you know might be up for it?

One of the Expressions of Research Artists, Amelia Beavis-Harrison is looking for some kids for a performance. The project, entitled Job Centre Junior is about the elasticity of child poverty, and how people inevitably get drawn back in to it.

About the performance:

Amelia is based in Oslo, she will be in Bath 15-20th to work with participants, but can be contacted and Skyped in to meantime. Amelia's project blog is here:

There's a bit about Amelia here

The Expressions of Research show is taking place 18-25th Jan at Edge Arts, Bath Uni, showcasing the results of year-long collaborations between 5 Artists and 5 research centres. The show will go on to tour B&NES too. 

Please contact Scarlett Mosnier ASAP to get involved or with any questions. Thanks!


The deadline is coming up for FaB's call-out to Curators!

Call-out to Curators - Deadline this Friday 

Let us know your idea for an exhibition, performance or event by Friday 04/11 and you could be one of our Curators for Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2017.

No experience necessary: FaB will support you all the way, from developing your idea to realising the exhibition/event itself.

We invite fresh, challenging concepts, and encourage you to think outside the box - FaB is a test-bed for the new, wonderful and sometimes odd!

See the full call-out below, and read some of our Curators' exhibition blogs here:    Prosthetic Impulse    The Cartesian Cut?     Austerity

We're joining Walcot Winter Fest's wintery wonderland with large-scale 'Fire and Light' themed projections along Walcot Street 18-19th Nov.
Explore the outcomes of our Artist & Researcher collaborations at 94 Walcot Street. Artworks, talks, performance and more await. With the Uni of Bath and Edge Arts.
Dinner & a movie: Pop Up Docs are screening THE WAR ROOM for their US election night special with free burgers 08/11, and CAMERAPERSON on 10/11 + live Skype Q&A with the Director, a collaboration with Bath Film Fest.