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FAB is Bath's only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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An invitation to artists, curators and others to join in an ambitious creative encounter with the vital themes of growth and decay

You can say the word live in two ways. live is an initiative that will bring both definitions together, in a series of exhibitions, installations and performances in the heritage city of Bath.

live is planned as a key element of FaB18, next year’s manifestation of the city’s celebrated contemporary art festival. It is scheduled for the two weeks May 25 – June 10, and will feature a series of exhibitions of arresting and original visual art, together with a series of live interventions, involving artists, poets, musicians, film and video makers, along with leaders of conversations that will lead in unexpected directions. This list is not exclusive. We welcome the contributions of scientists, activists and other kinds of specialist.

The theme is clear and urgent, but the specific directions that the work will take have yet to be established. Our minds are open and our ambitions are high. FaB18 is inviting potential contributors to join in a conversation about how live might take shape. The conversation can be face-to-face or online. At this stage, geography is no barrier.

The core venue is set as Walcot Chapel, in central Bath, the tree-filled cemetery which surrounds it and the intimate park alongside. The Tardis-like chapel has been a welcoming venue for memorable exhibitions and events for several decades now. On this occasion, we intend that it should take on something of the form of a living, growing (and possibly decaying) organism. And this sense of growth and decay should spread out into the surroundings… into the graveyard, the park and along Walcot Street into the heart of the city. We wish to explore ways of using growth and decay as the medium as well as the message.

With planning, we can extend the number venues across Bath and beyond. We are also happy to establish productive relationships with organisations as well as individuals. FaB has been successfully organising exhibitions in an extraordinary range of venues for a dozen years now. And, over time, it has built up positive relationships with hundreds of curators and thousands of artists, as well as scores of institutions.

Artists and curators from all over the world -with a wide range of experience- have contributed to previous FaB festivals. If your idea is a good one, with a strong chance of being realised, we shall endeavour to support it. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can start to talk.

Geoff Dunlop - Lead Curator, live


Call-out to curators for FaB Festival 2018

Ego - Andy Walders - photo credit

Do you have an idea for an exhibition, performance, intervention or event?

Fringe Arts Bath Festival is calling out to aspiring curators, offering the opportunity to devise and organise a show as part of FaB Festival, 25 May - 10 June 2018.

Anyone can apply, with any level of experience: students, graduates, artists, local, national or international.

We invite fresh and challenging concepts

FaB is a test-bed for the new, wonderful and sometimes odd. We encourage you to think outside the box! See links below to some curators' blogs from 2017, or visit for more.

FaB curators’ shows can include: performance, intervention, installation, multi-media and video work, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and all disciplines in between. 

Curating a show for FaB is a great chance to gain experience in this competitive field, to realise your own exhibition or event, to make new contacts and network. In past years FaB has initiated exchanges between artists and curators from Manchester, Swansea, Oxford, Bath, Hungary, Poland, Canada and beyond.

Selection by committee will take place in November, those selected will be invited to attend a curator’s meeting after which your show will be advertised in FaB’s November call out to artists.

FaB will offer you admin support, practical advice through regular meetings, mentoring from past curators and exhibition space.
Southside Family Project - photo credit S. Mosnier

Deadline Friday 27th October 2017

Get in touch and tell us about your idea! Submit a proposal of up to 500 words detailing the underpinning themes with supporting images and your CV, all saved as a PDF. Email to or post to Fringe Arts Bath, 103 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BW.

FaB 2017 saw visitor numbers break 9,500 across 36 exhibitions and 60+ events housed in 15 venues and around Bath's streets.

Bath is located in the South West of England with good transport links, has a thriving art scene and plays host to many international festivals throughout the year; FaB is the only visual arts extravaganza!

Please be aware FaB cannot offer funding at this time, but can cover some expenses agreed in advance. We are a volunteer-run, non-profit registered company.

Fulfilled Experience - Readymade Theatre - photo credit S. Mosnier

Interview for Spa Life Magazine

Fringe Arts Bath Festival’s Scarlett Mosnier: “None of this would happen without artists.”

Fringe Arts Bath festival, better known among the locals as ‘FaB’, is an annual visual arts festival that has recently finished up. The exhibition spaces that were once full of amazing artworks and the chatter of people, are now once again just empty shops and spaces dotted around the streets of Bath. Katie Constantine, History of Art student and curator herself, sat down with Bath Spa alumni and co-leader of the festival, Scarlett Mosnier, to discuss all things arty and FaB.

Scarlett, tell me what FaB is all about?

FaB is run by artists, giving people the opportunity to get their work out there. It’s for people who don’t fit into the regular gallery scene, who prefer not to have their work in a typical gallery, and for people who haven’t showcased their work before. What we’re doing is creating something for those who might not have this opportunity any other way.

FaB has been running for a long time now, how big was FaB this year?

It was a great turnout this year. We had fifteen venues, thirty-four exhibitions, over 200 artists, twenty-two curators and six community groups.

How successful do you feel FaB is?

For the individual artist, I think the success is as simple as getting in and seeing people’s responses to their work. The same goes for the curators. It’s having your show accepted and then bringing an idea into existence.

FaB is also successful because it has been an important stepping stone in the careers of many of its past contributors. For example, back in 2011 we showed work by Dorcas Casey, I then walked into the Damien Hirst tent in Dismaland  (Banksy’s 2015 temporary art exhibition housed in Dystopian Theme Park in Somerset, England) and that same piece of work was there. We had selected it as part of the Bath Open Art Prize. To me, that’s success, knowing that we are doing something great with FaB because we get to see someone carry on, with an element of our festival having been part of their growth.

But it’s more than that, it’s the community spirit. It’s great that we have community groups involved, including people who are in an art group because they have a history of addiction or homelessness. They make artwork together and then they get to have an exhibition which is a success for them, for us and for Bath. It’s amazing to see them realising that they are being valued on exactly the same level as professionals. I love that and that is the biggest part of our success. Putting everyone on an even keel. To us an artist is an artist, they’ve all got a massively positive contribution to bring. None of this would happen without artists.

Would you say there is a good art scene in Bath?

There are great opportunities here in Bath and amazing things you can do – Fringe Arts Bath, 44AD Art GalleryBath Artists’ Studios and Bath Open Studios to name a few. You can volunteer, you can apply for exhibitions or organise your own exhibitions. Walcot Chapel is an amazing space and so is Bath Artist Studios. There’s Bath Artist Printmakers as well, you can use the facilities down there. Edge Arts is too. Art Bar at The Raven is really good, Mike Tooby (Bath Spa Lecturer) runs that and they’re always bringing amazing speakers. There’s so much going on in Bath and people have no idea. You don’t have to go to Bristol to get involved. Go into town and find out what’s happening.

How can students get involved with FaB?

During the festival itself we always need volunteers. In set-up week we need people who can hammer nails into walls, people who can learn how to put up vinyl lettering on the walls. People who can drive to get artwork to the exhibition spaces are always handy. But also volunteers to help with invigilating, stewarding events and to point people upstairs or to other venues. Then there’s take down as well. On a long-term basis we would also like volunteers to work with us throughout the year, whether it’s marketing, online publishing, copy editing and proofreading, graphic design or writing articles. But also arts and events management, project management, web development, archiving and interviews on previous artists. What we would really love to do is a series of follow-up articles on where people are now.

You can also get involved by curating and submitting an exhibition idea during the call out to curators between October and December. Or come in as an artist! We have current Bath Spa students in some of the shows this year, Bath Spa graduates, some UWE MA students at Bath Artist Studios and some students from University of Bath volunteering. Students at Bath College were also involved this year.

How can students get in touch so that they can be involved?

The best way to get in touch is via email. Our email address is: We do have fun as well, it’s not just about the hard work!

FaB will of course be on again next year. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for future opportunities to get involved. This is a great way for students to enhance their CVs from having artwork showcased, to curating an exhibition – but you don’t have to be an artist yourself, Scarlett mentions many other ways that you can get involved. Follow their website for more information:

Words by Katie Constantine - more from Spa Life here

Featured Photo: “Scarlett Mosnier” © Judith Groth


Presenting the Art Bank Prize


FaB are honoured to welcome Art Bank to the festival, the brainchild of Death + Glitter.


An Artwork which moves, unsettles or challenges Art Bank's creators Helen Grungy and Dirty Johnson in some way will be selected to receive the Art Bank Prize, along with a sum of money to be spent frivously and unproductively.

The winner will be announced as soon as Grungy & Johnson have made their way round all the shows, or once their feet ache too much to continue, or when they find the work that works for them, and deserves to receive the Art Bank prize.

For info & updates visit their page


Unique tote bags have been added to the FaB17 Crowdfunder - with 4 days to go

Can you help fund FaB17? Please donate to our Crowdfunder by 24/05/17 WWW.CROWDFUNDER.CO.UK/FAB17

For FaB Festival 2017 we are working with 30 new Curators, some early career and other more established, as well as charities and community projects who will all be exhibiting together in a contemporary professional  setting. 28 exhibitions and a silly number of events are in development too.


£5 - Your name on the ‘Thank You’ page on the FaB website

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£100 - Curatorial Tutorial with Sveta Antonova of 44AD for up to 8 people.

£200 - Sponsor an event - your name displayed in all event-related publicity.

£500 - Sponsor a venue - your name displayed in all venue-related branding.

£1000 - Sponsor the Opening Night Arty Party - we will celebrate the opening of FaB Festival 2017 in your name! Free refreshments for you all night of course.

Take a look at our Crowfunder page for more info, and to pledge your support



Volunteers meeting 03/05/17

Together with Bath Fringe Festival we are holding a meeting for volunteers to find out more about roles, opportunities, how to get involved.

Weds 5th May, 6.30-8pm in the Back Bar/Love Lounge at the Bell Inn on Walcot Street.

FaB visual arts festival are looking for volunteers to:

  • Help set up shows 19-26 May | DIY skills a bonus
  • Run the bars on the opening night 26 May
  • Invigilate exhibitions 27 May - 11 June | this can involve participatory stuff like drawing or performance...
  • Steward outdoor events at various times/dates 27 May - 11 June

At this point it would be helpful to know if you are generally interested/available and any specific skills (First Aid or DIY) that may be useful.

We are aiming to have a presence on the street before and during the festival – and we will really need help giving out brochures at the Farmer’s Market and so on. Please let us know if you can help with this.

Bath Fringe Festival are looking for help with:

  • Brochure and poster distribution
  • Audience data collection: We will be carrying out an extensive audience survey during Bedlam Fair and will be looking for a few people to help with this. There will be a small remuneration for this work!
  • Stewarding outdoor events for Bath Fringe:

         - Mon 29th May 'Outside Now' a participatory event culminating at No 1 Royal Crescent
         - Sat 3 & Sun 4 June: Bedlam Weekend, central Bath
         - Fri 2 & Sat 3 June
         - Sat 10 & Sun 11 June