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In a rapidly changing world with accelerating technologies, mass migration and shifting cultural values, we are now more conscious than ever that our experience of the world is in a constant state of flux. How does this impact us as individuals?

'Flux' will consider our relationship with an ever-changing world through an exhibition of works by artists whose practice in some way addresses the concept of change.

We invite artists working in all mediums, including performance and intervention, to submit images of artworks and/or proposals. The title is open to interpretation and we welcome a diverse range of approaches. Artists might respond with work that reflects socio-political or technological change, or that acknowledges and plays with the fact that perspectives shift and ideas are fluid. Others might explore the creative potential of transformation on a purely practical level, by experimenting with new technologies and processes or by pushing and transforming materials and traditional practices.

Curated by Sightlines Projects

Venue: FaB 1, 15 New Bond St, BA1 1BA
Open 10am to 6pm - Sat 27 May to Sat 10 June
and 10am to 3pm Sun 11 June



Come visit Flux!

Preparations for the show are well underway, and the exhibition is shaping up nicely, so do come along and visit us during the festival!



The Final Selection

We are delighted to announce our artists for Flux. Following a fantastic approach to our call-out, with over 100 proposals, a range of mediums and approaches will be represented, with video, painting, sculpture, photography, print-making and installation work. 

Flux will feature Simon Welch with his film Capsule, a future birthday gift; Mathews & Allen, who investigate Jane Austen’s writing on romantic relationships in the 18th Century and the introduction of contemporary dating language; Xu Zhiwei, with her video Untitled (Disco Music) which explores the correlations between the 80s and the contemporary social conditions in an ever-more interconnected world; Roxanne Jackson’s Waiting, a visual exploration of the changing horizon; Jo Clements’ sculptural archive 100 Adapted Orphans; Ravinder Surah, with Hex, a critique on our exposure to mass imagery; Lewis Robinson with Up and Under, a playful re-imagining following a process of de-construction and reconstruction; Patricia McCormack’s fictional future history Interstellar Clouds no Longer in the Universe; Evagelia Hagikalfa’s installation The Wisest Man;  Beth Biddiss, and Quietly Outrageous Metamorphosis, a dialogue on permanence and ephemerality; Ashley Thomas who seeks to create snapshots in time with Hubris; Heather Griffin whose work attempts to capture a fleeting moment with In Perspective and Paula Hickey who challenges assumptions of fixed solidity with a series of prints in Metamorphosis.

It promises to be a very exciting show, so if you are reading this post, we do hope you can make it!


Image: Still, Untitled (Disco Music), Xu Zhiwei


As the deadline approaches...

We've had a fantastic response to our call-out so far from artists working in all mediums - from painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography to video, installation, performance, and spoken word. The subjects broached have been equally broad, with works that address change and transformation in materiality, culture, technology, language and tradition; life's larger themes, or the detail in the everyday.

With less than three weeks left before the deadline, we're looking forward to hearing from other artists for what looks set to be a thought-provoking and inspiring show!