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Foto39 is a new platform that broadens the relationship between photography, video, books and zines, exploring new approaches to lens-based art. This year’s exchibition responds to the theme 'Distances'. Modern communication and the ease of image distribution are changing our experience of distance; whether spacial, personal or cultural.

Nan Goldin and Distances

Nan and Brian in Bed, NYC, 1983 Silver dye bleach print © 1983 Nan Goldin


During the open-call period, we will be discussing how well-known photographers confront the idea of distances in their work; begining with Nan Goldin's "Nan and Brian in Bed". This image, of course, is well known as the iconic cover for photographer Nan Goldin’s book version of The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. Goldin’s work is laded within autobiography, she is celebrated for her blunt representations of violence, drug use and emotional turmoil. Goldin demands no distance between herself and her work; the distance between image and life experience is so draw-stringed that we, the viewer, are pulled into her narrative. We are close as a voyeur; a spectator. Alienation is the key word here; displayed in a subtle spatial distance, an unreciprocated gaze. This is a distance instantly recognised, carrying immense emotional power. 

Click here to find out how to submit your work for our Distances Photography Competition 2015.


Open-call for submissions


As technology rapidly develops, modern communication and the ease of image distribution are changing our experience of distance, whether spacial, personal or cultural.

International artists are invited to respond to this theme, with submissions of photography, moving image, books or zines. Visit for information on how to submit.