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FAB is Bath's only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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Fresh Art @ FaB16

Curated by Katie O'Brien and Nat Burgess

Fresh Art @ FaB16 has created inspiring new art for the walls of Ward 4 Dementia Assessment ward at St Martins Hospital. This exhibition showcases artwork created and inspired through workshops within the Holburne Museum, No 1 Royal Crescent and The American Museum. Fresh Art @ promotes positive wellbeing by engaging with cultural settings and community to create artwork to enliven clinical environments.

Weds 1 - Sun 12 June

11am - 4pm

At Bath Artists' Studios, Comfortable Place BA1 3AJ (5 min walk west of the Theatre Royal, towards Victoria Park, click for map)


Fresh Art @ Bath Artists' Studios 2015

Fresh Art@ is creating inspiring new art for the walls of NHS House and Hillview Lodge inpatient unit. This exhibition showcases artwork that has been created by people affected by mental health and inspired by workshops within the Holburne Museum and the No 1 Royal Crescent Museum supported by Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust (AWP), Creativity Works and Sirona.

Fresh Art@ was the brainchild of a former service user, who came up with the idea of creating new, original, stimulating pieces of art work as a kind of ‘give back’ scheme.  The project this year has produced 30 pieces of artwork which after the FAB will be displayed on the walls of NHS House.

Everyone involved in this project believes that creativity can make a significant difference to people’s lives by inspiring and supporting them to have fun and be creative, learn new transferable skills, improve their health and wellbeing and connect with their communities. Working with Creativity Works skilled socially engaged artist, Hannah Carding, AWP art therapist, Rebecca Hayward and talented volunteer artists Nat Burgess and Sophie Piddock, the Fresh Art@ projects have enabled participants to realise their creative potential, increase independence and create routes to education and employment. Projects like Fresh Art@ respond to prevention initiatives and create long-term savings in social care and health services whilst supporting people through periods of transition in their lives. Participant’s ideas are taken forward and in similar projects have enabled the set-up of new self-run creative peer support groups increasing creative community opportunities.

The Fringe Arts Bath Festival is an excellent way for participants and organisations to link into a wider network of creative and social activities in the area and gain a sense of community. The wide variety of exhibitions in FaB increases understanding in different artforms. Attending the events provide both stimulating and interesting opportunities and for a more intimate and engaged relationship for the artist with their audience and link to culture.

“An Hour a Day” at the Bath Fresh Art Exhibition

Join in FREE activity and debate about wellbeing and creativity every day for an hour!

During the 2 week Fresh Art@ exhibition there will be “An Hour a Day” - for debate, discussion or creative activity for wellbeing each day. Keep an eye on the website for the updated timetable For more info email or call 01761 438852. No experience necessary, just come along and join in!

You can also follow the Fresh Art activity via Facebook and Twitter!

Venue: Bath Artists Studios,  The Old Malthouse, Comfortable Place, Bath BA1 3AJ

Opening times: 11 – 4pm

Fresh Arts is supported by AWP (Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Trust), Creativity Works, AWP, Bath Museums, Sirona, AWP Charitable Funds and Comic Relief Quartet funding.