Bath's Annual Fringe Visual Arts Festival
FAB is Bath's only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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FaB is voluntary and non-profit, we're looking for donations, please support us if you can, or get in touch if you are interested in sponsorship:

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Fringe Arts Bath Festival - 27th May to 12 June 2016

Fringe Arts Bath is a non profit-making artist-led organisation, entirely run by volunteers.

We aim to raise the profile of contemporary visual arts in Bath, provide opportunities for early-career and emerging artists, and put art in unusual places in unexpected ways for people to happen across and interact with.

The FaB team organise a two-week festival of contemporary visual art exhibitions, events and workshops during Bath Fringe Festival in May/June each year. Free for all to attend, occupying empty shops, unusual spaces and making appearances around the streets of Bath.

FaB started as (and still is) Bath’s only annual visual arts festival, growing out of the Bath Fringe Festival’s visual arts strand to become it’s own organisation 8 years ago, and sees itself as a cheeky little sister to the Bath Fringe.

The committee organizing the festival are all volunteers and all do it for the love of the visual arts. If you are keen on seeing more decent art happening in Bath and have a love for the visual arts as much as we do then please help, see our volunteer page.

FaB are keen to hear from prospective volunteers and artists throughout the year, if you have something interesting to tell us then please do so. 

What do we do outside of FaB Festival?

We work on wonderful FaB Projects outside of the festival too: our own projects like FaB Art Corner, ON-PHOTOcopy, Bath's Flippin' Pancake Race, the FaB Photomarathon and other people's awesome ideas including Bath Artists Studios' Life Drawing on Trains. We're also collaborating with 44AD artspace, the Art Weekend Bristol & Bath, Bath University Public Engagement, Bath Fringe Festival, CARU, Bath Boules and more throughout the year.

A few people have said nice things about us:

“We think your amazing because of you total inclusion to the artists and the public, this in turn makes up a wonderful week” Fresh Art @ Hillview, a Creative Group inspiring new/Fresh artwork created by people with lived experience of mental health issues.

“Cos you are so inclusive and make art feel accessible to everyone. Your events never feel elitist” Pop-Up Docs, A pop-up cinema event showing the very best in award-winning documentary filmmaking for free.

“The diversity of work and artists included. Plus there isn't a guideline of what art is, because it can be anything so everything is considered no matter how big or small. 
It's a supportive organisation and those running it go above and beyond to keep art alive.” Jessie Meyers, freelance photographer, business woman, Artist in FaB 2014, Curator for FaB 2015. 

Feedback forms handed in during the festival:

“As an A-level art student, I have gained so much inspiration” Anonymous, 2013

“Rich, extraordinary, surprising, inspirational” Blanche, Volunteer, 2014

“About risk taking” name illegible, 2014

“It is graet” as spelled by Rebecca, aged 7, 2013

“Absolutely FAB! Varied and diverse, interesting, entertaining, informative & scary!” Anonymous, 2013