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Hide and Seek

An exhibition of hidden works displayed in unexpected areas of the space and it's furnishings. In a variety of mediums these innovative pieces will intrigue and surprise you. An exhibition to heighten your attention to detail, bring out your playful side and keep you curious.


Hide and Seek Publication

Curated by Sophie Erin Cooper

Publication by Francesca Ricci

Front cover and logo design by Lloyd Evans Designs


Hide and Seek: Curated by Sophie Erin Cooper

If you haven't picked up a Fringe Arts Bath Newspaper (which are available in most FaB Venues) you can read the Hide and Seek article written by Curator Sophie Erin Cooper below. 


'I am an artists living in Bath interested in creative curating, displaying works in unexected ways to transform the way we interact with art and the gallery itself. My interest in art as an experience often manifests my own work into temporary and site specific pieces. I have worked onto fragile natural forms to create ephemeral works, and drawn on walls or windows for temporary exhibit.

I was born and brought up in the Brecon Beacons area but have continued living in Bath since I graduated from Bath School of Art and Design in 2013. As an artist I am interested in detail and fragility, my practice centres around an ethereal aesthetic which I explore through a variety of mediums and mark making, To me the creative process is a form of play, I am interested in composing self contained pieces, whilst others will peek out of corners or spill across walls and floors theatrically. I am intrigued by both immersing the viewer as well as only giving them a glimpse.

Hide and Seek is an exhibition of art works displayed in unexpected areas of the space and its furnishings. From textiles to text, altered found objects, sculptural works and drawings. Whilst some pieces interact with their surroundings others obscure the mundane into something intriguing. One piece migh open up to tell you a story, another will leave you guessing.

Think what's hiding in that drawer? What's on the ceiling? What is in that box? Hide and Seek displays an eclectic mix of curious works that touch on collection, nostalgia and making sense of the world. From the beautiful to the thought provoking.

These hidden works aim to tickle and surprise you, bring out your playful side and keep you curious. The exhibition aims to reawaken a childlike wonder to discover a variety of innovative works. Although some pieces will be conceale, others will hide in plain sight - inviting visitors to take a closer look. This is an exhibition to heighten your attention to detail and take in the depths of your surroundings.

How much do we miss in our daily lives? Do we pay attention to our surroundings? Hide and Seek engages with the viewer, inviting you to seek something others might miss. In a world so saturated with imagery, the internet feeding us art in a few clicks - I am interested in making our physical interaction with art an interesting one.'

- Sophie Erin Cooper



The article features work from Alexandra Davies, Sophie Erin Cooper, Tina Selby, Theo Wood and Hannah Battershell. Please visit the website to find out about all the artists involved.


Hide and Seek: Opening Night

Thank you to everyone who came last Friday to the opening of Fringe Arts Bath and made their way to FaB1 on Westgate Street. FaB1 is home to 5 exhibitions - Hide and Seek, Disordering Chaos, Distances, Prosthetic Impulse and African Enlightened. This diverse range of exhibitions encompass a fantastic selection of mediums, and compliment each other in their differences.














The opening of Hide and Seek was a joy to witness with all ages participating in Clare Winnan's interactive work 'Lost Shoes' - inviting visitors to find a dolls shoe within the space to take home. In return the new odd dolls shoe owner was asked to leave a message in a vial, perhaps what they plan to do with their shoe or their thoughts on the exhibition. Some seemed keen to add their own art with a message in the form of a drawing instead.

At 7pm Sveta Antonova began her performance piece whilst the unknowing visitors shared thoughts around her. Sveta's performance involved collecting the scraps of conversation around her and transforming these into labels to then form a pattern on the wall. The labels had small white writing to aid their hiding in plain sight. The labels remain on the wall for the duration of the exhibition where you can see the inevitable 'sorry's from the many who wanted to peek down the thin corridor space. Whilst some labels amuse, others bewilder you only giving you a snippet of a baffling conversation. 

With drawers to open, desks to peek into, shelves to explore and even a safe with artwork hidden inside - Hide and Seek is as it was intended; an exhibition for the curious. It makes you peer into corners and spaces you might usually ignore. This is a show for those willing to take a closer look.

We are open daily 10am - 6pm at Fab 1, 36 Westgate Street so come explore for yourself.

Visit the Hide and Seek Website to find out more about the artists.



Hide and Seek: Transforming the space

Curating Hide and Seek for Fringe Arts Bath, this corridor proposed a fantastic and intriguing space to explore and discover new works. Yet the neglected corridor at 36 Westgate Street needed a transformation to inhabit the variety of works from the 18 selected artists.

After a week of hard work in the space every day, I was delighted at the success of the opening. If you haven’t had a chance to have a peek just yet you can visit the exhibition until 7th June. Open 10am-6pm daily.

 Visit the Hide and Seek Website to find out more about the artists.


Hide and Seek Exhibition

Will you be joining us this Friday? 

Hide and Seek is an exhibition for the curious, with 18 artists to heighten your attention to detail.


'We Said'

For the opening of Hide and Seek, from 7pm Sveta Antonova will be creating a piece of work, beginning as a performance. Moving around the space with a portable labeling machine Sveta will collect the subjective scraps of conversations.
The nearly non-visible labels will then form a visual artwork that hides in plain sight.


You can find out more about Sveta and her work for Hide and Seek here.