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Pattern Seekers. Colloboration with Bath Institute for Mathematical Innovation

I believe that mathematics and art have much in common. Both exist because they are driven by curiosity and wanting to make sense of the world around us. Mathematics underpins scientific discovery and gives us access to the workings of nature, art breaks down these discoveries to interpret and then represent in a way that engages the not only the mind but the heart in the wonders of the universe.

Early in June I had a very interesting and inspiring tour of the  mathematics department and the Institute of Mathematical Innovation. I spoke to several of the mathematics about their research. My work focuses on pattern and it became evident during my visit that this was a recurring theme, we are all seekers of pattern.

 As a starting point I have asked the department to send me images that occur as part of their research with the intention of gathering together a dossier of patterns.

Looking for patterns within patterns and lets see what happens.