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A Lifetime of Work

Curated by Samuel Bailey and Katarzyna Wagner
Submission deadline has now passed.

Celebrating the work of prolific typographer and designer the late Adrian Frutiger. We're interested in painting and graphic design primarily but all ideas will be considered.


CLOSING TODAY - Last chance to see the show

Hi everyone, 

Sadly our time at Lane House Arts is coming to an end.  Today is the last day you can see the show,  so get down here anytime between 10-5pm! We're handing over the space to Forest of Imagination - which we can't wait to see.  

Hope we see some of you down here!


Opening Night!

Last night was our Private View and we'd like to thank everyone who came along and made it a special night. We're really pleased how the show has turned out and hopefully we'll see more of you over the next couple of weeks. As a reminder we're at Lane House Arts at No.5 Nelson Place East (BA1 5DA). We'll be open Tuesday - Saturday (10-5) and Sunday (11-4), or by appointment.

Here are some photos from the opening night:






2 weeks left!

Hello all,

now as of 5th of May we have exactly two weeks left until the opening of "A Lifetime of Work". We're happy to anounce that we will be exhibiting in a Bathonian Gallery - Lane House Arts! It's a lovely little venue with a lot of potential for the clash of design and painting that we are about to unravel. As of today we are expecting to run the show from 19th of May until 2nd of June, although there is a chance that we might prolong the display.

The artworks are starting to arrive and myself and Samuel are busy with preparing an interesting cluster of images. We're working on bringing a few publications and interviews with Frutiger to the show, his intellectual legacy to create a sense of presence.

Below is a sneaky preview of some of the featured pieces:

Nathan Down

Annelies Egli



Stay tuned!

Sam and Katarzyna



Update on 'A Lifetime of Work'

So, good news! Things are progressing nicely for our little exhbition, we've had some great responses to our idea so far and seen some fantastic work submitted. We may even have a distance a distant relative of Frutiger himself, from Switzerland, creating a piece of work for the show.


Below are some images of posters we have based on Frutiger's typefaces.



Adrian Frutiger - A Lifetime of Work

Discover the work of the late Adrian Frutiger, a prolific and talented typographer from Switzerland. His career saw hundreds of fonts created and helped to pioneer methods of phototypesetting.

His work permeates aspects of our everyday life. From London Street Signs to Swiss motorways and something you may hold in your hand everyday.

Free submission, email, deadline 14/03/16.