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Metamophosis - Curated by Tim Holsgrove   

This exhibition will explore the action of changing. It will highlight the constant
state of flux that we exist in, and demonstrate the altering effects of time. The
work displayed will include installations, sculpture, painting, and photography.


The following artists will be exhibiting work:


Babette Martini

Babette examines the expression of emotional and bodily states. She understands expression as something transient and being formed through experience. In this way expression in her work is not intentional or a gesture - it is the result of material transformations, the interplay between process and medium. The artistic process itself, its impetus and the unforeseen event become essential to the artwork. The expressive potential of the artwork in its various stages of making or the in-between stages becomes for equally as valid as the finished piece.




Adele Boden

These images capture the left behind. The rooms are teaming with past human presences, capturing past decor, wallpapers, peeling paints, old furniture and forgotten belongings; allowing us to date the images back to an era and time. 

They allow us to question who once lived there and why they have departed. Creating a mystery behind the images and the nondescript places.


Broose Dickenson

Since metamorphosis is about change, Broose will be demonstrating the artistic process of painting during the two week Fringe festival. He will start on the opening night with a blank canvas, and finish two weeks later, when the exhibition finishes.

The subject matter of the painting will not be preconceived but will emerge through the process of   improvisational painting, by utilizing different techniques, and focusing on the perceptual experience of painting, and the time based application of paint.


Joanne Brennan

Joanne's interest is in the way in which materials can be transformed into internal installations when subjected to changes in light and airflow. Joanne will be creating a space-specific installation that will immerse the viewer in a constantly changing structure.






Katie O'Brien

These A-Z paintings explore  the fabric of space and the visual flux of the built environment through mapping the rapidly changing forms of the architectural skyline.   By recording the coordinates of the shifting skyline through on site drawing and photography, the invariant of what is set in stone, can only become transformed as one passes through it. Translated through form and colour, the information relayed in these paintings will also make reference to the landform patterns, surface shape and features found in topographical maps.






Michael Coombs

Michael will be exhibiting new work for the Metamorphosis exhibition, which will explore the process that time has upon an objects and how this effects our perception. The sculptures will begin to reflect the characteristics of its immediate environment. Toying with the relationships between time/space, space/object, the work will seek to challenge the viewer’s first impressions, altering their experience of what is, in reality, presented to them.


Sam Cook

Sam's work and research aims to discuss a human understanding of landscape. The work pays specific attention to material aesthetics, frequently fusing Art’s and craft and industrial processes. The new work for the metamorphosis exhibition will be in a constant state of flux throughout the exhibition, and will attempt to provide some understanding of the deterioration of landscape and the natural processes within coastal environments.


Monika Rak

Monika will be creating a space for contemplation, which should give a new dimension to an existing place. It could help viewer to take a break from the chaos of the contemporary world, let them experience silence and devote to contemplative prayer. The project aims to naturally focus the viewer’s attention on spiritual values, enriching their whole existence.


Tim Holsgrove

These photographic works will explore the transformation that night has on our perception of the urban environment, and aims to capture the tension of standing alone in these abandoned landscapes.






Metamorphosis, Fringe Arts Bath (FAB), 103 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BW