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Other People Have a Nationality

“Other people have a nationality. The Jews and the Irish have a psychosis.” – Brendan Behan
An exhibition project about the concept of home.

Everybody has at least one ‘home’, it is an abstract word that relates to a set idea of a place but is rather determined by personal experience.

Celebrating, showcasing, questioning and investigating everything that we might call Home, 15 artists from the UK, Scotland, Germany, Greece, Austria, Switzerland and Russia are on display.

Furthermore this project involves a collaboration with local residents & Deaf staff from ‘Action on Hearing Loss'. ‘A Hundred Signs for Home’ and over 30 local and international video responses answering one question: ‘What is Home?’

Expect video installations, oak trees, melting houses, jelly, wax, pizza boxes, dancing, singing and a train journey!

Curated by Sveta Antonova

Venue: FaB 3, 6 New Bond Street Place, BA1 1BH
Open 10am to 6pm - Sat 27 May to Sat 10 June
and 10am to 3pm Sun 11 June



What is Home? - Any Answers?

'Other People Have a Nationality' is an exhibition project including two open calls.


(scroll down for ARTWORK call)

We want you to tell us 'What Home is'!

Make a video of, max. 3 Minutes - easy and quick!

It doesn't matter if you want it to be professionally filmed or just use your phone - quality doesn't matter.

Be arty, musicy, selfie, which ever way you prefer your video to be. Film yourself, your hands, anything in your environment. Make it an animation, a GIF of emojis, a tour through your surroundings, anything goes as long as you answer us one question: 'What is Home?'

Please send your video to 

Deadline: 27 March 2017

Every video will be selected for the exhibition and will be shown on a big screen in a loop (with your name on the bottom).

No need to send any more information with your video, unless you wish to do so. Email it as .mp4 .mov or .avi.




Home? - We want your work!

'Other People Have a Nationality' is an exhibition project including two open calls.


(scroll up for VIDEO call)

“Other people have a nationality. The Jews and the Irish have a psychosis.” – Brendan Behan

Based on this quote we encourage artists, makers and creatives to think about the meaning of home, a home, many homes. Home in your language, in your cultural surroundings, in your family history.

As there is this one word 'HOME' for a feeling of belonging so varied, it is hard to grasp and more abstract than firts thought...

Feel comfortable, dream big, outside the box and off the wall!

Accepted mediums: Installations, kinetic work, new media, performance and film only.

Please email your submission to

Deadline: 27 March 2017

Include: A project/ artwork description of max. 500 words, up to 5 low-quality images / video link / Dropbox linlk

Files to be saved as a single PDF or Word .doc including your name in every file title.