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Neuro Portraits from the Holburne Museum

 The Gardener's Lodge Art Group 

Have you ever wondered how the brain works?

With advances in scientific technology it is now possible to map brain activity, aswell as looking much more closely at the microscopic level of neural networks. 

So what do these neuro-images look like?  

How does neuro-science explain our experience of mental states such as depression and anxiety?

The Gardener’s Lodge Art Group at the Holburne Museum have been exploring some of these questions by looking at cutting-edge neuro-imagery and research,  supported by Dr Denise Taylor from the University of Bath’s Pharmacy & Pharmacology Department and working with local artist Stephen Magrath. 

This collaborative project comes out of conversations about the portraits in the museum and the connection between outer appearances (how the sitter wanted to be seen) and their inner-life and mental state (how are they really feeling and what’s inside their head).

Inspired by the beauty of brain scans and microscopic neural imaging the group have reinterpreted some of the museums 18th century portraits, from ‘the outside-in’.

We are currently working with artist Catharine Naylor to translate some of these images into print. Using a converted mangle printing press we will be exploring a range of intaglio processes.


The Gardener’s Lodge Art Group @ The Holburne Museum

A collective of artists who have lived experience of mental health issues and homelessness. We meet in The Gardener’s Lodge as part of the Holburne Museum’s outreach programme.

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Promoting health and well-being through engagement with the arts.