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Ashes to Ashes.

Last night tactileBOSCH gallery & studios caught fire and burnt down. I went to investigate this afternoon and saw the entire building reduced to charred fragments, broken glass, ashes and dust. The fire team were still at the premises at around 3pm this afternoon and there are still sections of the building smoking just a little, the entire site is due for demolition soon, but this catastrophic inferno has decimated the former gallery, as well as the former visibleart printing studios and woodwork shop. This tragic situation has been treated as suspicious with a number of fires being started in the Llandaff North area recently, obviously if anyone has any information, please report it to the authorities. One of the only remaining artworks from the fire is a collaborative painting on the outside of the building by David J Bull & Dean Craddock from the CITIZEN III exhibition last year, slightly singed.

I spent the day with one of the founders of tactileBOSCH, Kim Fielding who was quite shaken by the whole situation but came out with a morosely amusing statement: "The roof has finally been fixed I guess..."

Old Victoria Buildings Revival an exhibition celebrating the life of the gallery, showing work from its collaborators, instigators and practitioners opens at Fringe Arts Bath 2013, on Stall St, Bath on the 24th of May. This exhibition feels all the more important in lieu of recent events, phoenix out of the ashes comes to mind.




"Alone, heal yourself with poetry, compose and recompose your songs"

- 'Commissioning Contemporary Art' by Louisa Buck & Daniel McClean


Throughout contemplating the role of the gallery, geographically specific or not, I read this translated Latin phrase, which seems to articulate the project in one beautiful sentence. After tactileBOSCH shut its doors with uncharted perspectives (literally and as the last exhibition title); artists have come and gone, loved and lost through a 'glocal' (diolch yn fawr i Iwan Bala) and at most importantly totally contemporary approach visual art. From serving as an artspace, testbed, safe haven, dialoguebox and somewhere to cut your teeth, it is now I can say with cut teeth that we should be thankful for what it was, and for what galleries are and have been. So after healing ourselves alone with poetry we can compose and recompose our songs to form a life giving epitaph for the gallery and galleries long gone, but not an epitaph for the memories of these buildings. We can take our old joy and with fond memories, have excited eyes for future endeavours.


In Conversation with Richard Huw Morgan & Kim Fielding.

Myself and tactileBOSCH director Kim Fielding will be talking about the Old Victoria Buildings Revival exhibition tomorrow morning 10 - 11am on Radio Cardiff, 98.7fm.


We will be discussing the key ideas and attention around the exhibition.

Listen on the live stream at:

Or if you miss it at:



archive |ˈärˌkīv| (usu. archives)


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the place where such documents or records are kept : to get into the archives I had to fill in a request form.

verb [ trans. ]

place or store (something) in such a collection or place.

Computing transfer (data) to a less frequently used storage medium such as magnetic tape, typically external to the computer system and having a greater storage capacity.




memento |məˈmenˌtō|

noun ( pl. -tos or -toes)

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ORIGIN late Middle English (denoting a prayer of commemoration): from Latin, literally ‘remember!,’ imperative of meminisse.




revival |riˈvīvəl|


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Buckets and beams are in equal importance.


One of the many former spaces at tactileBOSCH.