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- Out Of The Box -


 Box artworks have either been assembled or disciplined within in a box, experimenting with dimension and composition, found objects, printed matter, photographs: any array of ephemera. This lends well for experimentation, illusion and playfulness in construction. As artists we tend to be hoarders either physically or mentally, collecting visual material is a vital resource. Whether using natural or man made items, it's intrinsic for us to create some sense of order to the chaos of our organic world. To collate, contain, arrange and balance, by form colour or texture can stimulate as much an inspire

We live in boxes, travel in boxes, watch boxes, even when we die we are placed in a box.......

Box art work is inspirational for the trained and the un-tutored. All it takes is a leap of imagination and the discipline of creation. It can be a response to your immediate surroundings, through re-cycling & up-cycling anything can be constructed into a piece of art work ! Small discoveries to a whole new world.To create fantastic and interesting art work, one does not need to spend huge money. As well as bring out our Magpie instincts to collect, this can be novel adventure to step outside oneself 




All mediums are welcome, but Artists must provide and create art in a box ! 

You can enter as many visuals as you like, but the larger the scale of artwork, the less likelihood for quantity of other pieces.

A Maximum scale / To be No larger than 600 x 450 mm - preferable -  There will be a selection process & a consideration of space......Whether true or not, a small amount of lyrical text Or at least a Title must accompany a piece. As a fellow artist this project is a work in progress, so intrigued to know more about you & your practice

Please Label clearly all artworks.   It is your responsibility that all boxes must have suitable hanging mechanisms, so they can be securely hung on the wall. Sculptural pieces can be resolved with plinths or stands provided by you or resolved collaboratively. Please take care of your artworks in the way you would like them treated, so they can be delivered, stored & taken home respectfully.

A fantastic resolve that can be made to size

All ‘chosen’ artists will have to pay a single min. £15 entrance fee to FAB.  We shall not be profiting from your artworks, but sales can can made independently through personal advertising & contacting you directly.  

A collective pick-up of London artworks could be possible for early May 2014

Submission & enquiries  >

Or contact Tom direct  07754 976486


TOM BUCHANAN - Out Of The Box - FAB'14