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Phase Space

Three young up and coming artists are taking over the Walcot Chapel for Fridge Festival.


Come and experience works by Bristol based artists Richard Fox, Ellie Johnson-Bullock and Elliot Conway. 

Phase space is where all possible states of the dynamic system are represented; here we will explore the unpredictable relationships between time and entropy.

The weather is one of the factors of life that humans have not been able to control, as it doesn’t work in a predictable motion. Unlike technology and the reductionism of science, which has given us great knowledge and control. The wind and motion of matter follow non-linear paths that make them impossible to predict. These are just some examples of dynamic, chaotic systems that were intrinsic for the development of our existence.

The exhibited sculptures and paintings will demonstrate dynamic systems framed within time and therefore they reflect nature as a whole. The work will investigate the relationship between Chaos, time and entropy and how they may all have relevance when talking about the unpredictable, autonomous nature of our lives and the dynamism of the world.