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The Bath Photomarathon 2014

The Photomarathon is happening on Saturday 3rd May 2014, with a 10am start somewhere in central Bath.


Do you ever look up when you’re walking around town? It’s amazing what you notice when you take the time. The FaB Bath Photomarathon will challenge you do just that. 1 city, 10 hours, 20 photos, 20 themes.

Challenge? It sounds simple!’ I hear you declare. The tricky part comes from the themes. You have to take your photos in the right order. Duck, guardian, corner, shelter, pattern are examples of past themes. You’re looking for ‘pattern’ and suddenly you’re hit by an amazing shot for ‘duck’. What to do: delete the rest, snap this picture and start again? If you’re working with film this can’t be done! Is it worth doing with digital? No!

Take your time, consider each image, scout out the best sight you can. Look, stare, observe, contemplate, goggle, discover, see your city from a whole new angle. Do try it, you might be missing something amazing.

FaB’s Bath Photomarathon starts at the Circus, 10am on Saturday 3rd May 2014. Sign up below

For inspiration some of 2013's photos can be viewed on Flickr here: FaB Photomarathon Stream.