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Picture Shack

Illustrators will fill a room with illustrations: the walls, furniture, clothes in the wardrobe, the books on the shelf and plates on the table. Illustrated. The public will be invited to treat the Picture Shack space as their home for the duration of FaB2015.

Some Pictures from the Shack!

Picture Shack is open at FAB2, 8/9 New Bond St Place, Bath, BA1 1BH, until 7th June. Here's some photos to entice you in.


Artist Profile: Laura Waite

Hi there! Introduce yourself.

Hi Picture Shack! I’m Laura; an artist and curator currently working out of a studio at The Island. When I’m not making or drawing I’m working at the RWA, running art workshops for Second Step or helping organize shows and crits for Synecdoche, a Bristol based art collective.

You sound interesting, and pretty fabulous. What are you putting in Picture Shack?

Picture Shack is going to be home to a number of my sculptures Keep an eye out for them lurking under chairs or sliding over tables. They’re strange and playful and ever so slightly human!


So what made you decide to do some interior un-designing?

I wanted my sculptures to live in a space. FaB-goers will be as much a part of Picture Shack as the art, they’ll have chance to interact with the show by sitting in chairs, reading books and opening drawers and I wanted my sculptures to live along side this and be a truly tangible (and slightly gruesome!) presence as people explore.

Have you got anything else coming up we should know about?

I’m so excited to be exhibiting at Arnolfini in July! It’s a group show called And Then We Pulled The Words Apart that explores language, how we communicate and collaborate. I’m part of Young Arnolfini and with Black Kettle Collective (Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea) and Ikon Youth Programme (Ikon Gallery, Birmingham) we’ve been producing work for it for the past few months. The show is going to be full of installations, performances and workshops. It’s going  to be great to take over Gallery 1 of Arnolfini and put everything we’ve explored and produced in one space all together! 

What's something you've made recently that you're proud of?

Since graduating I’ve been working with a talented bunch to organise exhibions and crits for graduate or recently graduated artists. It began as a single exhibition but snowballed into Synecdoche, a Bristol based art collective. We created Synecdoche as a way to keep in touch and motivate each other, share what we're making and the opportunities we could get involved with or create ourselves. It’s been great way to continue sharing our practices and exhibiting together and I’m proud that we’re currently organizing our fifth exhibition- it’s growing from strength to strength.

And finally, what's your favourite piece of furniture you own?

That comfy spot in the corner of my sofa- great for thinking, drawing, reading and drinking tea!


Picture Shack

Imagine please, your standard room. It needn't be remarkable. It probably isn't. The walls are likely a sort of creamy colour, the furniture is ugly but serviceable. It may, if you'll forgive me, smell slightly of damp. You could live with it though.

Well the Picture Shack isn't that room.

We're a bunch of artists (mostly illustrators) who have gotten together to bring an end to slightly damp, sort of creamy rooms with functional furniture. We're fed up of drawing on paper and we're thinking bigger. Why shouldn't the walls of any, nay, every room be emblazoned with a spy thriller, which you can explore whilst sitting on the life and soul of the chair party and eating off the most interesting plates you've ever seen.

I mean, the obvious answer there is your landlord wouldn't like it, but that doesn't stop you coming along and living the life for a day or just a few hours.
Our proud armchair warriors are fighting against the norm so you don't have to. Cruelty-free felt taxidermy; Tiny, tiny people; and dresses embroidered with tales of long ago await you in the Shack, but you might just be looking for a snuggle with an enormous cat. Some of these options are available to you in the Shack. Some aren’t, because some of us just dream too big.

This room was un-interior designed for you (in no particular order!) by the likes of Rosie McLay, Bethan Mure, Becca Pugh, Laura Hallett, Sophie Burrows, Bett Norris, Inside Out Collective, Laura Waite, Nicola Pearce and was curated by Mr G Johnson.  There should be a little book on a table singing their praises and containing contact details for them.



Artist Profile: Becca Pugh

Quote from 'The Golden Stag' by Brothers Grimm:
"His big body was made of shining gold, more dazzling than the sun. His long many-branched antlers were tipped with sparkling precious stones. A cradle woven of silk thread swayed between the tips of his antlers.. "

Hi there! Introduce yourself.

I'm Becca and a mixed media artist in Bristol. I'm a Photography grad but have moved onto felt-making.

You sound interesting, and pretty fabulous. What are you putting in Picture Shack?

I've put in a faux taxidermy Stag's head, made entirely out of wool and using the needle felting method. I have taken inspiration from the Brother's Grimm fairytale about a brother and sister who get lost in the woods. The young boy turns into a beautiful golden Stag after drinking water from a lake in the forest, but continues to look after his sister despite his transformation.

Awesome! What do you normally draw/make/think about then?

To be honest I don't draw a lot- my degree is in Photography, where I shot and hand developed my film. I didn't start needle felting until after I graduated, when I moved to Bristol and went on a beginners needle felting course! I guess the two both share tactile processes, which I really enjoy. I mainly make things inspired by nature and animals, and this Stag is my largest piece yet.

So what made you decide to do some interior un-designing?

I wanted to give a cruelty-free, modern take on taxidermy; a stag's head is an easily recognisable icon when thinking about traditional decor in the home.

And finally, what's your favourite piece of furniture you own?

My kitchen stool that has recently been sprayed gold and encrusted in jewels for a house party