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Home - The Poetics of Space

Dark Matter is a group of Bath Spa Mfa graduates working in a variety of media to interpret the concept of "Home"

Curated by Judith Beeby & Dark Matter Group.

Venue: FaB 4, 29A Westgate St, Bath BA1 1EP, UK
Open 10am to 6pm - Sat 27 May to Sat 10 June
and 10am to 3pm Sun 11 June


Artist - Selina Ogilvy

'Saskia and Hendrickje on Mars' (2017) Oil on Canvas  Selina Ogilvy  

This is not a statement about my work. Instead, it is a coalition of current thoughts around my work. These thoughts start with the question: what am I looking at? At present, remixes of art history, my own history and current states of art and affairs are guiding my thought processes. This process becomes the imagined. Home is the imagination. It is other worlds: an outer space; a future and past remixed into its own, new identity. This visual remix becomes the space of new politics: as yet unseen.



Home and the Poetics of Space - Performances and Discussion - Saturday 3rd June, 6-9pm

 This evening session includes performance work on the subject of home by artists Victoria Bone and Sandy Creighton followed by a discussion "How Does Home Feel?" between some of the participating artists and members of the public, facilitated by Victoria Walters.  All are welcome.


Artist - Steve Burden


'The Drummer Returns' Steve Burden (2016)  

'Growing up in an urban jungle, surrounded by out-of-scale concrete fortresses, has inevitably informed my development and visual aesthetic as an artist. Inspired by my own experiences growing up on the Pepys Estate in Deptford, south London, my paintings investigate dystopian themes and ideas associated with British housing estates. I’m interested in exploring the social issues that arose from the creation of this estate – security, isolation, control and gang culture – as well as its design and architecture, and the history of the site.'





Artist - Julieann Worrall Hood


'Why Beauty Matters' (2016) Julieann Worrall Hood

Julieann Worrall Hood’s mixed media drawings and sculptures weave together childhood memories with observation of nature’s cycles, such as migrations of swallows and butterflies, to evoke the essence of home and exile. Examining how memories, stories and notions of home are constructed and told, and how we use them to make sense of our lives, Julieann has found that meaning can be found in whispers.




Artist - Victoria Walters

'States of Emergency' (2015)  Victoria Walters  

In "The Poetics of Space", Gaston Bachelard makes a systematic phenomenological study of home, looking at every day and literary perceptions ranging from impressions of whole houses to individual pieces of furniture.  For the philosopher the house, the most intimate of all spaces, is a mediator between memory and imagination that "protects the daydreamer" and is thus a means to understand the human soul. The study is moving in its recognition that living spaces are, in a sense, always both inside and outside of people, its exploration of the power of childhood homes over the imagination and its demonstration of the human need to find psychological refuge in familiar places, spaces and objects.  However, Bachelard’s notion of home as haven could also be construed as somewhat romantic and idealistic.  Alluding humorously to another literary evocation of a childhood ‘home’, I am interested in exploring what happens to our sense of home where protection and intimacy are uneasy, precarious or under threat.