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Curated by Elaine Fisher & Lucy Gresley
Submission deadline has now passed.

An invitation to artists across a broad spectrum of research-led practices, to participate in PREFAB-Lab (Practice, Research, Exhibition) an exploratory trial and interim analysis exhibition exploring artistic research through the lens of a scientific Research Lab - what does artistic research look like? How and where does it function? What are the results?

More info below and here:


for one night only

PREFAB-Lab presents 'Control Group' 6pm Friday 27th May 20 Milsom Place, Bath

Kicking off PREFAB-Lab the Curator’s present an evening of improvisation, celebrating the performative aspects of artistic research that have helped shape the PREFAB-Lab concept. 

Entry Protocols (from 6pm) 

Dress code: protective clothing (Lab coats and overshoes provided) 

LAB A (6.15pm - 6.35pm) 

live 'improv’ performance by GHOST MIND : Stuart Wilding (percussion), Jon Andriessen (guitar and effects) and Pete Robson (trumpet) respond to a montage of lab-inspired film

LAB C (from 6pm) 

Refreshments - monitored 20ml dosage/s of your chosen tipple served in test tubes

LAB D (from 6pm)

Ten artists have been selected from an open call to continue their practice-as-research in PREFAB-Lab. Come and find out who they are and what they’re going to be up to during the FAB16 festival:

Stephanie Black / Johanna Bolton / Deb Catesby / Susan Cridland / Laurence Dube-Rushby / Aldobranti Fosco Fornio / Catherine Greene Jones / Lewdjaw / Sarah Wolker / Chris Wright

LAB E (from 6.45pm) 

'Musica Practica’ Tamarin Norwood (2010) performed by conductor Anthony Weeden

RESTRICTED AREA (from 6.45pm) 

'A conversation with Tessa Lynch’ Lucy Gresley/Elaine Fisher (2016) about 'Painters Table' Tessa Lynch (2016) for Glasgow International. With thanks to VASW 

‘Control Group’ draws together conversations with artists held in the lead up to PREFAB-Lab 2016. It is an opening question to which the working lab will respond. For more information about PREFAB-Lab, the artists, curators and the conversations visit



Meet the artists

Laurence Dube-Rushby The Laboratory of Dissent Winchester Gallery (2015)


Delighted to announce the ten artists who will be in residence at PREFAB-Lab (28 May - 4 June) and exhibiting their research (5 - 12 June):

Stephanie Black Illustration as Exposition (1-4 June)

Johanna Bolton The Study of Elastic Bands in R3 Euclidean Space (28-31 May)

Deb Catesby Binding and Tracery (28-31 May)

Susan Cridland Unknowing (28-31 May)

Laurence Dube-Rushby my unborn child (28-31 May)

Aldobranti Fosco Fornio The substance of shadows (1-4 June)

Catherine Jones Sliced script (1-4 June)

Lewdjaw Azerty/Play it Cool (28-31 May)

Sarah Wolker Memento mori (1-4 June)

Chris Wright The shape of sound and light (1-4 June)

PREFAB-Lab open daily throughout the festival 11am - 6pm

20 Milsom Place, Milsom Street and Broad Street, Bath, BA1 1BZ




Researching research

Tamarin Norwood, A Fine Line: Untitled #1-4 (2014)

We are thrilled to announce that we will be speaking to Tamarin Norwood in March about her research. During a year long residency at Spike Island in Bristol, Tamarin plans to develop her research into the spatial and temporal attributes of the drawing process using animation and 3D print technologies.  You can follow Tamarin’s research at

Throughout March and April we aim to carry out and record a number of artists conversations to help stimulate critical debate in PREFAB-Lab and to set the Lab within the context of contemporary arts practice in the UK. Email to suggest other artist conversations we might have - especially if you have contacts……

Closing date for PREFAB-Lab applications Monday 14 March 2016


funding opportunity

Want to take part in PREFAB-Lab but concerned about travel and accommodation costs?  

PREFAB-Lab applicants from the South West region are eligible to apply for a bursary of up to £200 from Visual Arts South West.  

For further information visit

closing date for bursary applications Monday 22 February 2016

closing date for PREFAB-Lab applications Monday 14 March 2016




Looking into artists to interview about their research I came across the term connected research.  This got me thinking about the term research-led used within our project description and open call.  What does this actually mean?  To Lucy and I as practicing artists?  Is it the right term to encourage artists with a broad range of research methodologies to participate in our trial?  Who are we excluding?  Which artists might self-exclude because of the language we have used? 

"My need to keep connecting, understanding and making meaning out of everyday encounters drives my artistic practice.  My artistic practice is therefore research-led, driven by its subject, the human drive or impulse to be in the world, to find out about the world in which we live.  Yet this research is non-specific.  There is no clear aim.  It is dependent upon an encounter to propel it forwards, towards a particular investigation, towards an understanding of something.  It is this act of going towards that I define as research, even if the destination is unclear.  Towards is the endless question to my endless quest.  What am I doing? Why am I doing THIS? What meaning can I ascribe to it? What is my research? How does it connect to what seems present in the world today? to what matters to other people? to what people are talking about?  I identify my research then.  It does not lead my practice.  In the same way I identify myself.  I think therefore I am."  

We want to explore the differences between the terms connected research and research-led.  It seems that the idea of connectivity might serve both to free up the artistic impulse from preconceptions of what research might be and go some way to explaining the apparent ‘lack of fit’ between artistic research and art objects/installations we encounter at exhibitions - they may in fact be separate or separable things.  In which case why do we encounter one and not the other as an audience?  We want to open up a conversation that we can continue in the lab in May and June.  Whatever the terminology our questions are the same: What does artistic research look like?  How and where does it function?  What are the results?