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FAB is Baths only visual arts festival, we actively promote and celebrate contemporary art in the Bath area and beyond, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
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The Press Room

The Press Room seeks print-based artists for experimental live artwork inspired by propaganda, underground and anarchist presses. In this era of increasing digital surveillance and data collection could non-digital, ephemeral distribution of ideas become revolutionary again?

Work will be generated live by participating artists. Comprising a venue with a group of artist-printmakers, and various manual and digital presses, media will be produced rapidly and collaboratively. Method and content will be devised by the artists in response to a brief to manipulate news and cultural stories at the time of the event and reference historic/cultural uses of print in propaganda and revolution whilst reflecting the difficulty of knowing ‘the facts’ in an age of over-saturation.

Output will be distributed daily via visitors and street hand-outs throughout the festival duration, creating an outlet for the media produced. There is further potential for visitor participation workshops, open to artists proposals.

Interested? Email to submit. Deadline Monday 27 March 2017.

Curated by Alice Harwood.



Print Room Presses

I have had some questions about the kit that will be supplied in The Press Room.  I have two victorian bookbinders presses for relief printing.  We can also set up for basic monoprinting and basic screenprinting with stencils.  I also have a vintage typewriter and there will be a laptop and printer for digital work and digital overprinting.  I am also hoping to source a photocopier so that artists can produce multiples for distribution cheaply and quickly.

Here are a few photos of the presses -



Artists are also welcome to bring the kit they like to use! 


Inspiration collection

I have started collecting bits and pieces to inspire, inform and help to generate ideas for The Press Room on a Pinterest board.  Have a look to see what ideas it sparks for you.....


Open Call for Artists.

The Press Room invites artists to explore the concept of the press, the media and communication.

Part exhibition, part performance, part propaganda-machine, The Press Room invites artists to experiment and explore printed media, posing the question - whether in this era of  digital surveillance and data collection, could non-digital distribution of ideas be set to become revolutionary again?

The Press Room seeks expression of interest from all types of Printmakers, including Digital Printmakers, who are keen to experiment and collaborate  in a live artwork taking place at Bath's Visual Arts Festival, Fringe Arts Bath, May- June 2017.

The Press Room is also open to receiving submissions from artists wishing to to exhibit only (See Additional opportunities, below)

The Press Room is also interested in expressions of interest from artists or writers with an interest in propaganda, mass media, and the history of the Printing Press.

The Press Room will comprise a venue with a group of artist-printmakers, and various manual and digital presses.

Media will be produced rapidly and collaboratively, mixing  media and content. Media produced could include posters, pamphlets, and leaflets.

The work will be generated live by the artists and methods will be devised by the artists once grouped. 

Artists are asked to consider utilising contemporary news and cultural stories, coupled with cultural references to the history of the printing press in the distribution of ideas, ideology,  news and propaganda (and where the distinction lies between these) since the time of the invention of the printing press.  

The output will reflect the mixed messages of the media, both underground and mainstream; highlighting the difficulty of knowing the facts in an age of over-saturation. 

The intention is that visitors to the exhibition will be able to watch the The Press Room in action as the artists work.  

The artists are asked to consider the production of multiples.  Part of the concept of The Press Room is the distribution of ideas.  For this reason, means of cheaply reproducing work is hoped to be made available as part of The Press Room Equipment, so that work can be handed out to visitors to the exhibition, or in the streets outside the venue.

It is also intended that work will be displayed within the venue, as an exhibition that changes and evolves daily as work is produced.

Selected artists (apart from exhibit only artists - see below) will be expected to work within The Press Room on at least three days during the festival ( these can be full or half days as required).  Within this framework, artists can request the number of days and which days they will be present ( subject to a rota being drawn up and venue capacity).  The Press Room would prefer that artists are able to take part on as many days as possible, however understands other commitments may prevail!

Additional opportunities
For artists who enjoy working with the public, there  may be opportunity to invite visitors to get involved in producing media; either in the form of bookable workshops or casual 'drop-in' participation.  This aspect is open to artists proposals and will depend upon the practicalities of the specific media used, space available in the venue and health and safety aspects.
Submissions may also be made by artists who wish to exhibit only.  Priority for wall space will be given to artists producing work in the exhibition space, therefore this opportunity is likely to be strictly limited.  Please ensure that any works submitted for exhibition only compliment the ethos of The Press Room concept.

Artists working within The Press Room will also have the opportunity to promote their own practice and sell work; either pieces produced within The Press Room or relevant selected work (the latter to be selected by Curator - please submit proposals).
Any sales by artists will be free from commission.
Fringe Arts Bath festival creates 'pop-up' exhibition spaces across Bath in venues such as empty shops, offices and pubs as well as more traditional gallery spaces. We don't know where our exhibition space is yet, watch this blog for details!
As a minimum The Press Room will be equipped with  will be two table-top relief presses for use, as well as a laptop and printer.  We are currently in the process of sourcing further equipment (watch this space!)However any specific specialist equipment required by individual artists will need to be supplied by themselves.  
The Press Room will also have a basic supply of paper and printing ink.  Again, any specific requirements will need to be met by the artists.  However,  if you have questions, please email me and ask!
Work produced in The Press Room will be intended for display within the venue as well as for street-based distribution and visitor take-aways.  For this reason, means of cheaply reproducing work is hoped to be made available as part of The Press Room Equipment.  
How to apply 
Please email your expressions of interest to
It is free to submit proposals.  If you are selected there is a £20 admin charge per artist, payable to Fringe Arts Bath.
Please include the following in your submission:
  1. Examples or links to of relevant work.
  2. A brief written or visual response to the brief for the exhibition.
  3. Your full contact details (including email address & mobile phone number).
Digital submissions are preferred: however postal submissions are also possible (Please do not send original artwork and include an SAE if you want your submission returned)
Send postal submissions to: The Press Room, Fringe Arts Bath, 103 Walcott St, Bath BA1 5BW. 
The deadline for expressions of interest is Monday 27 March 2017.