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Red Line Art Works

Humanity today faces some of the biggest and most urgent issues it has ever faced.  Many of today's biggest global issues were not faced by previous generations of artists and creative people.  Perhaps some of today's artists don't share these concerns, or don't want to respond to them in their art work.  But many artists and creative people feel they want to recognise and reflect these issues in at least some of their work.  Red Line Art Works is a gathering point for images by people around the world who are so concerned about the big global issues and the state of our world that they definitely want to respond in their art work and creative work.  

Our website ( is a 'home base' for all who believe that art can register big problems, and maybe even influence the world towards a better future. So, we encourage and support artists and creative people who are using their art to do that.  Many artists across history and cultures have integrated political concerns into their thinking and their work. See ‘Art & Politics’ on our website for some examples.  If you want, you can also 'Join' Red Line Art Works or 'Contact' us from the website.

We invite you to get involved by contributing an image, or in other ways. We are open to all artists, makers, creatives and performers worldwide, in any media or form, for example :

• Painting                 • Drawing                • Illustration            • Photography

• Graphic design      • Ceramics              • Text                      • Cartoons

• Installations           • Film & video          • Sculpture             • Animation

• Graffiti                    • Textiles                 • Performance

... And everything in between !  So, please get involved.  We are very happy to receive your art works, firstly in the form of photos, scans, videos, or text contributions.

How do you start ?  Have a look at 'Brief for Artists & Creatives' (see below) and have a look at our website www.redlineartworks.orgThere, under 'Info for Artists', you'll also find 'Your Brief' and various other useful stuff.   Or, look at 'Global Concerns' if you want some ideas to 'trigger' your thinking.  Our 'Links' page connects you to some of these global concerns.  Our 'Art & Politics' page gives some examples of how artists have responded to political concerns over the years. 

When you have your art work, in whatever media or form you work in (including performance). Then simply upload a photo, scan, video or text file to our Flickr Group at :  Our website tells you how to do this (see our 'Info for Artists' page)

During Spring 2013 we will invite the best pieces to exhibit or show at Fringe Arts Bath (FAB).  FAB is your lovely annual two-week programme of Arts events held in May / June, here in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath.

And, if you know other artists and creative people (in fact any people !) let them know about Red Line Art Works and FAB.  Many thanks. 

Founder of Red Line Art Works : Chris Greenwood.  Email :



Red Line Art Works - Brief for Artists & Creatives

We don't want just any images. We invite you to use your creative mind to focus on not only your own personal ‘here and now', but also the big common concerns of humanity, globally.

So, use your talents to create a piece of artwork in any media or form you like, e.g : painting, drawing, illustration, photography, graphic design, ceramics, cartoons, installations, sculpture, animation, graffiti, fabrics, performance works of all kinds, etc. 

The Key Point :- Your work must include one or more Red Lines - as a signifier of :
(i) something you think is wrong with the world’s dominant political and economic systems, or
(ii) major global issues which arise from them and are at the root of countless other specific problems.

Then, upload a photo, scan or video of your artwork to our public Flickr group (

Please Note : It absolutely must be your own work because we don’t want any conflicts with other people’s intellectual property rights.

Your use of the Red Line might be : Conceptual, symbolic, naturalistic, figurative, abstract, graphic, serious, humorous, etc. You might respond to something in your external world, or something personal or emotional – or a combination. You are free to make a new piece of work or adapt/extend an existing piece.

How you interpret this brief is up to you and your creativity. For example, you might interpret the word 'Lines' (in Your Brief, above) quite broadly. If you want a few prompts to get you thinking, have a look in the Gallery at what others have created, or see 'Global Concerns', on our website :

Think about the biggest political and economic deficiencies, which are at the root of countless other problems around the world. You might come up with ideas or images that are similar to other people. This is a global project, so those common strands and insights from different places are part of what is fascinating. 

We live in a world in which we are constantly assaulted by visual imagery pushing us all to be consumers, and very little pushing us to be fully fledged responsible citizens of the world. We hope you can see what is normally invisible and make it visible. We hope that you will look at our problematic world with an ethical vision. We hope that you can move backwards and forwards along the spectrum that is 'self - communal - universal', and come up with some ideas and images by working along that spectrum. 

So, just follow your own creative interests and produce the kind of work you want to create but include one or more red lines in it somehow, somewhere as a 'signifier'. Obviously, this could signify many things, depending on where you are in the world and how you think about your society, your world, the way you see things.

All we want from you are images - photos, scans or videos, uploaded to our Flickr group at : (for help with this, see 'Info for Artists' and 'Using Flickr', on our website).  If you can't do this for some reason, then send us an Email with your image file attached to :

Lastly, if you know other creative people then please let them know about the Red Line Art Works project.
For more information check out our Website at :