Walkthrough Video & Feedback form
Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 10:52AM

So, the artwork has gone, the walls have been made good and the dust has settled on Refuge: in search of safety. We had an amazing time meeting some wonderful artists, curators and visitors and we miss it all very much. Can't wait for next year in whichever capacity we're involved!

To extend the experience a bit longer here is a little walkthrough video of the exhibition so you can either relive your visit, visit if you missed us or share with your friends. Do contact us if you want more information about any of our artists.

If you did visit then we would be really grateful if you could fill in our feedback form at the following link

Refuge: in search of safety - feedback form

It shouldn't take long and has nice simple tick boxes and room for comments. It would be really helpful for us as this was our first ever exhibition and we would love to know if we did okay. We hope to do more in the future so anything you can tell us will be really useful.

Thanks to everyone involved in the whole Fringe Arts Bath Festival. See you in 2018 and stay safe.

Mike & Dona


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