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Selfhood (an exploration of identity and memory)

Curated by Megan Scott and Elaine Breen
Submission deadline has now passed.

Aspects of identity form and re-form over time as a result of internal and external influences. How do the roles we play in our lives shape and re-shape our identities? How fixed are our ideas of ‘self’?


Selfhood (an exploration of identity and memory)

Our identity is formed from memories that create our sense of ’self’. This coherent autobiography is a record of our past selves and a continuing check on our future selves. We have our own selection process of memories including ones we treasure and are willing to share with others and those that we keep hidden from view. How do these contribute to our own individual sense of self? As the cultural pressures ebb and flow, what affect do cultural and gender issues have on our identities? Is society more or less restrictive? How free are we to be ourselves and what does this mean in a modern day context? How truthful are our memories? How much of who we are is projected on to us and how much is fabricated internally? What is the reality of the 'modern' self', are we more knowing and aware than ever, or so detached from the reality of our own needs that we live in individual fictional worlds?

All submissions covering themes of the construction and deconstruction of identity/memory that make up the interior and exterior self are welcomed.