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Seeing Sound from Inside-Out

You are invited to delve deeper into why Sound is a driving force for these chosen artists. Within the creative fields we practice, Sound can create auditory experiences with a strong visual presence altering our perception of seeing and hearing. This exhibition asks one question: ‘Can we see beyond Sound?’

Installed Works at Seeing Sound from Inside-Out

We had a busy week leading up to the opening of FaB 2015. Seeing Sound from Inside Out is now open until the 7th. So come to the basement at New Bond Street Place to See and Hear our artists work transform the underground level of the FaB 2 building.

Here are some photos




Sea Hear - Alun Ward

Sea Hear - Alun Ward

Hold a pebble to your ear and listen to sea memories.
Members of the public recorded their memories and experiences of the sea and seaside. These stories are relayed and remixed through miniature speakers embedded in a small beach of pebbles. The recordings mingle and merge into a sea of sound, and only on lifting a pebble to the ear can individual stories be heard.

Send in your own memory recording for this and future installations of the work at, call 01225 667867 and leave a message, or add your recording at the show when Alun is present: 2pm - 6pm on Sat 23, Sat 30, Sun 31 May, and Sat June 6.


Seeing Sound from Inside-Out - Updated Poster


Seeing Sound from Inside-Out - Artists (Part2)

Here are the second series of Introductions to the Artists exhibiting at:

'Seeing Sound from Inside-Out' - FaB2015

Alun Ward

Alun uses sound, projection and sculpture to explore the overlap between a general mood evoked by soundscapes, and specific personal memories. He increasingly works with a sculptural combination of technology and the natural world to explore the way that touch affects our memory. In Mesosporangiate Strobili, an installation of a miniature forest of pine cones emit a whisper of sound, recorded during a three weeks residency in the arboretum at Nuneham Courtenay.

Mesosporangiate Strobili (2009)

Sea Hear 

Visitors to the 'Seeing Sound from Inside-Out' exhibition are invited to record their memories and experiences of the sea. These stories are then relayed and remixed through miniature speakers which have been embedded in a small beach of pebbles. The recordings mingle and merge into a sea of sound where the voices are barely distinguishable, and only on holding and lifting a pebble to the ear can individual stories be heard. Record your story either at the exhibition itself - watch the website for details - or at  


Efthymios Chatzigiannis

Efthymios (aka Tim) Chatzigiannis is a Greek composer/sound artist based in Oxford. In 2005 he completed a BA in Music at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and in 2007 he completed an MA in Composition and Sonic Art at Oxford Brookes University, where has recently completed a PhD study in the field of Composition and Sonic Art entitled Aural Evolutions: Intersections of Sound with the Physical Space.

Efthymios is producing compositions and sound installations that use the phenomenology and physics of sound in order to explore the meeting points of sound with the physical space. He is also active in the composition and performance of electroacoustic music and his main interests are real-time audio processing and programming new audio-visual performance interfaces. His work has been performed and exhibited in UK, Greece, Germany, Holland and Brazil.

Observing Density through Standing Waves

‘Observing Density through Standing Waves’ is a sound installation that explores one of the meeting points of sound with the physical dimension: the relationship of sound with the density of the physical medium through which this sound is being transmitted. Feedback tones are produced in mediums of different densities. The pitch of these tones depends on the density of the medium through which the tone is transmitted: denser mediums produce lower tones. Efthymios Installed this piece at Audiograft 2011 and will be bringing it to 'Seeing Sound from Inside-Out'.

Observing Density through Standing Waves (2011)



John Grieve

Quote "John Grieve makes sounds. His work is meaningless"
His 'pianophone' will feature at the exhibition.

The Shadow is What You Hear 

The Shadow is What You Hear

‘The Shadow is What You Hear’ is a new collaboration between Colin Lawson, Lee Riley and Chanté St Clair Inglis. In this audio/visual installation, Colin has created a series 9 abstract paintings and Lee will use them as a graphic score to create improvisations using prepared guitar techniques and electronics, these improvistions will form the soundtrack to a new animation made by Chanté.

Image: Still and a section from 'The Fire Walker' A previous collaboration in 2011

The Fire Walker Edit (Two) from Colin Lawson on Vimeo.

Colin Lawson

Colin Lawson currently lives and works in Edinburgh as a painter and lecturer of Drawing and Painting at the University of Edinburgh. His paintings and animated works primarily investigate the relationship between the painted surface and music. He has collaborated regularly with musicians and sound artists.

He is interested in the extended life of painting. Through collaborative projects with musicians and artists, he works with tools such as file sharing, animation and projection to research the various applications of painting and the space painting can occupy in contemporary art.  He has always been fascinated by surface; surfaces of paint, surfaces of sound.