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The River

Bath is on the 'Lower' Avon river. But away from the crafted views from the Pultney Bridge what does the river of Bath, within the city boundaries, mean to you?
What place does it hold in your consciousness? Do you have, or do you know someone that has, a special relationship to it?

Laura Aish 'Traces' Performance , 2 pm under The Victoria Bridge. Sat 30/5

Part of Bedlam Fair


Bath Anglers Club coming to Bedlam fair! Guests of 'The River' project

'Catch' Luke and his friends from 2pm, at the Victoria Bridge Gardens, Friday 30/5. They will tell you about what is in the river, and what they get out of it. They have things to say about the love of their sport and how to relate safely to the river.  Demonstrations of equipment, photo's of catches, tips, advice - all part of local bedlam!



Good to be in!

Worked on Monday hangiing show The River at Burdell's Yard.

Great to meet with my Utah based artist Al Denyer, and Jane Turner , Corsham based.

Would really like to see this gallery space better used in future.

There is a whole programme of evening performaces going in there over the fest so we will have mixed audiences.

We complete on Sat 23 May when all will be in.

Shaping up well.

Drop in for a small PV at 6.30.



By the River

 Laura Aish - Performance, installation and archeology,  response to place. 2 pm, Sat 30/5.

Victoria Bridge - Upp Road side.


Laura Aish, Performance for 'The River'


 'TRACES'The river holds a vast plethora of stories - come and see for yourself.

2.00 pm , Sat 30, under The Victoria Bridge, opposite the Bedlem Fair on the Upper Bristol Rd side of the River. An installation will remain in place for 2 hours afterwards.