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The Manifesto of the Wall

This exhibition represents the wall as a material, to be included in an artwork - instead of being used as a platform to hang something upon. Site-specific and space-related works based on ‘Manifesto of the Wall’ have been selected.

'The Manifesto of the Wall' becomes tangible.

12 artists from all over the world got selected to work with and within the history of the given walls.

Getting ideas and concepts together from different places, works evolve and the activism grows.

Follow this link to see more of the artists >>



a peek into Ekachai Eksaroj's work :


Mark Liebenrood is gazing :


We keep thinking.


'The Walls' are waiting


'The Manifesto of the Wall' is published and we are waiting for more curious, creative and venturous ideas while posting pictures of empty rooms!

Happily accepting sketches and ideas - don't hesitate to send some writing and sketchbok pages - since its not known yet how the exhibition space will look like exactly, unrealised projects in any size are welcome.

You have time until the 14th of February 2015  (feel free to ask if you have a question)




The Manifesto of the Wall

The idea of hammering a nail into a wall to put a painting up is old, but not as old as humankind. Why put a drawing up with tape? Why put a sculpture on a plinth? Why drill into the wall to add something to it?

In our modern world, everything we use has a history. Walls, too.

There should be a contemporary view on the question: Is the environment of my artwork part of it?

This is a call-out to artists working in all media -  based on the ‘Manifesto of the Wall’.

Please read ‘The Manifesto’  and include all given points into the structure of your future piece which should deal with the primary topics of site-specificity and space-relation. 


The Manifesto of the Wall:

1. The Wall has its history, respect it.

2. Do not exploit the Wall – it works with you and for you.

3. Find a direct method to include the Wall into your artwork and vice versa.

4. If no.3 is not applicable, you made the wrong piece for this space and may

    stop here or restart.

5. The term ‘to hang something’ is not an option in this context.

6. Don’t add.

7. Include.

8. Adventures are accepted.

9. Once the artwork is ‘up’, you added a new piece of history to this Wall.

10. Same principle for the Floor & Ceiling, just in case someone asks.


- curated by Sveta Antonova



Interested artists are invited to send an outline of the proposed work (no longer than 300 words), a brief artist statement (no longer than 200 words), a short CV and a maximum of 5 pictures. Please format your submission in one word or pdf document.


Deadline: 14th February 2015

Please submit your work to:

All chosen artists will be notified after the closing date and - if selected - will be required to pay £15 entrance fee to Fringe Arts Bath for supporting exhibition costs. FaB will not be profiting from the art work but independent sales can be made by the artist.