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A Time To Move

Curated by Janey Carline
Submission deadline has now passed.

This event is planned as a great celebration of the ways we move our bodies. Calling to artists with an interest in dance, sport, yoga, filming great moves,circus skills and community interaction.


A Time To Move

A Time to Move plans to bring together all individuals with an interest in the ways we use our bodies and maybe recording how we do this. We plan to have a number of bits of kit like physio balls, giant hoops, tightropes etc which visitors can respond to. Also, hopefully involve dancers, circus skills teachers and yoga teachers to run workshops with the participants not minding having their moves recorded by films or drawing.

The event could take place both inside and out in the streets and parks of Bath. He could be on more than one site depending on how it progresses and spaces available.

In the past I have made giant ball body sculptures which restrict movement so ways of confining body movement would also be interesting. My body sculptures were part of a piece of work called 'Wow! So Slim!' because after you took them off you felt very slim! This work could address issues of body image and the fact that it is often assumed because people are a bit over weight they must also be lazy and inactive which is often far from the case. Physical activity is something everyone can enjoy wether old, young, able bodied or disabled and making this possible and fun is important.

In past events I have included artists films of their activiities such as special walks, dance performances and a film of a baby learning how to use his body and, eventually, crawl to the sound track of 'Eye of the Tiger'.

Free submission, email, deadline 14/03/16.