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To Bathe

Works that explore bathing, experiment with the allegorical, mythological, exoticism, literary or primal fears such as drowning and our vulnerability whilst nude. The exhibition will allow the audience to become voyeurs of others whilst they bathe and create a reassessment of the everyday act of bathing.

LUSH Fresh handmade cosmetics

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is delighted to be part of this year’s Bath Fringe Festival.

In connection with the opening of the brand new Lush Spa, located directly below the Lush shop on 8 Union Street, City Centre, Bath, Lush will be coming together with the 2015 Bath Fringe festival to commend Bath’s world heritage site and celebrate its wealth of bathing history.


Nick Sneller, local carpenter commissioned to make the bathing hut

Nick Sneller is a local based carpenter who trained in design and spent many years as a furniture maker which guided his ambition to use contemporary design to engage people in their local environment, whilst tackling social issues relating to a sense of place.

He is happy to be involved with 'To Bathe' and believes that where there is a will there is a way. I was hoping to make a full size bathing hut but due to costs, health and safety and storage issue, it will now be a medium sized hut instead, still allowing it to be taken around Bath to create a unique viewing and listening space for films and stories.

A brief is being put together by myself and Nick as we speak and once this is agreed upon, Nick has assured me that building of the hut will not take long at all!

All in all very exciting news to have Nick on board as he is a man of many talents and his work is beautiful.

Pictures of the building process will be uploaded here soon..........


To Bathe

Inspired by the historical context of the city, the exhibition invites the audience to reassess their own relationship to bathing while becoming voyeurs of others whilst they bathe.

A portable bathing machine for viewing and hearing a selection of films and stories will tour the city on weekends throughout the festival on a specially curated trail stopping at sites that have an artistic/historical link to bathing.   


Artists Selected

Good news. All artists have now been selected and I have added a little bit about each of them in the following blog pages without giving too much away about the works they will be showing as part of 'To Bathe', you'll have to come to the exhibition to see those for yourself! I'm very excited as it promises to be a really varied exhibition with a lot of fantastic and talented people involved.

The artists are:

Andrew Duggan

Elise Fraser

Serena Porrati

Jessa Fairbrother

Bethe Bronson

Robert Laycock

Leah Crews

Lydia Glenday

Rachael Dickens

A Word In Your Ear

Lucie Sheppard

Kate Broadhurst 


Inspirational works