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On the tip of my tongue

10 and 11 June - 10am to 5pm - In Bathonian’s homes across the city

Where are the words that you need to give voice to? They sit on the tip of your tongue, but however much you may practice saying them, they are too difficult to share. 
‘On the tip of my tongue’ explores the conversations we struggle to have and the things that we never say: they may be taboo, comical, life changing, heart-breaking or mundane.

These unvoiced conversations often remain concealed in the privacy of our own homes.
To better reflect the personal context of these unsaid words, we are holding ‘On the tip of my tongue’ exhibitions in a small number of private homes across Bath. 
Join the artists as they explore the context through a variety of art forms, including performance, text, film, sculpture and sound installation, in these private spaces.

Due to the nature of the unique exhibition space we cannot disclose our venues in advance. Please see the information sheets onsite or visit this page nearer the date for more information. Residents of Bath look forward to welcoming you into their homes. We ask all guests to respect that each venue is a personal space and to treat it with care.

Curated by Alice Ling & Bryony Tilsley



Introducing The Artists: Clare Robertson


Clare's work exists between theory and visual practice, undertaking an urgent and critical inquiry into the paradigms of language, communication and speculation. Influenced by the writings of Mark Fisher, Alex Williams, Donna Haraway, Naomi Wolf and Arlie Russell Hochschild. Clare explores the self, identity and emotion through an ongoing critique of society and neoliberalism under the pseudonym Automated Luxury. Clare’s work has most recently been selected for a large scale digital screening at the opening night of the Venice Biennale, part of The Biennial Project. 

THE WORK - Automated Luxury Series

More information coming soon....

Meet by: Waterfront House, BA2 3DQ (6minute walk from Bath Spa Train Station) where you will be directed.


Introducing The Artists: Charlotte Morgan 


 I am a mixed-medium conceptual artist. My work is autobiographical, exploring the intimacies of living with chronic pain. As both artist and patient, I’m developing a meditative and cathartic process of making that sits within practices such as drawing, sculpture, installation and performance. These processes create visual narratives of my experience of illness and sense of self, externalising the internal.

More recently, my work explores the ways in which viewer participation can deepen the level of intimacy found in a process, and reveal more of the self than autonomous work ever could.

For more information visit:

THE WORK - Catharsis03

Catharsis03 is an intimate performance in which I will try to piece my emotional-self back together by tying together fragments of sculptures previously broken to reflect my fragile body. Viewers will also be invited to unburden me of untold intimacies, the reasons as to why I need piecing back together, in an exchange of written secrets.

Performance: 10th June, starts from 2pm. Meet by: Waterfront House, BA2 3DQ (6minute walk from Bath Spa Train Station) where you will be directed.  


Curator Profile

Art Form

 Alice May Ling (AL) - Choreography and Visual Arts. I starting dancing with a Dance East company when I was 12 years old. I heard about the audition about 2 hours before it was due to start, and so I turned up with drawing all over my feet that my sister had drawn the night before; they still let me in and was the youngest for two years. It was here that I found a love for crafting movement, and I went on to study  Choreography and Visual Arts at Dartington College of Arts. I particularly enjoyed making site and interactive work (including a version of Andy Riley’s ‘The Bunny Suicides’ and Angela Carter’s version of ‘Red Riding Hood’ as part of ‘The Bloody Chamber’ collection).

 IMGP5379.jpgBryony Tilsley (BT) - Writing and Theatre. I’ve loved writing ever since I was little. I was obsessed with creating new worlds and was totally inspired by The Hobbit and everything written by Roald Dahl. As I got older a love of performing for theatre also grew and overtime writing and performance merged together. Studying at Dartington College of Arts was a revelation for me. They encouraged collaboration and it made me realise how amazing it can be to work with others to achieve a common creative goal. I was also able to study choreography and music - something I’d always wanted to do so creatively it was a huge experience for me. After finishing at Dartington I went on to complete a Masters in Professional Writing at the University of Falmouth, which added really different elements to my experience at Dartington. 

Day Job

AL - I am currently a Programme Manager for an event’s company based in Bath. I previously worked at Ways With Words Literature Festival, Royal Ballet School and freelanced for Kaleider. I currently volunteer at the Tobacco Factory. In between studying an MBA at Falmouth University, focussing on the future and sustainability of the arts and culture sector.

BT - I’m a Project and Finance Administrator for Encounters Arts. They’re a wonderful organisation. I love how they use creative practices to allow people to explore and understand the world around them. When I don’t have my Encounters hat on I’m developing Dartmoor Skies, a charity I set up with my husband. The charity aims to inspire people about science and astronomy, offering the public an opportunity to learn more about space and do stargazing for themselves.

Dartmoor Skies Event.jpg



 Paper crafts.jpgAL - Walking, cycling, knitting, gardening, cooking, yoga, making jam, surfing, creative projects.

 BT - Astronomy, reading (and falling asleep whilst reading), walking, Latin American and African percussion, paper crafts, acting. Can I include napping?  




Favourite Place

 IMG_0393.jpgAL - South Devon, in particular Slapton Sands,  the walk around Gara Rock and my firends farm at Start Point. It's just stunning and once we saw a Basking Shark merrily swimming along on the coast. 

BT - There’s a wood very close to where I live call Hembury Woods. The river Dart flows through it and it’s stunning all year round. I get to walk my dog there most days, and I love it. 


 The Dream

AL - Run my very own arts venue. W
BT -

Opening an observatory on Dartmoor, but it will have a creative element too with resident artists and we’ll encourage people to develop creative work inspired by space.




What’s on the tip of my tongue

  • On the tip of my tongue are the words I need to say to ace my job interview and bag this perfect job.
  • On the tip of my tongue is ‘I love you’, but what if I don’t hear it back.
  • On the tip of my tongue is asking for help but not wanting to seem weak.
  • On the tip of my tongue is arguing that it’s not my fault, but I can’t say it.
  • On the tip of my tongue are the energetic, coherent words I need for a moment of public speaking which I hate so much.  
  • On the tip of my tongue is a conversation with a friend which I can’t bear to have because it risks so much.   
  • On the tip of my tongue is why I can’t use my brain or be empathetic right now.
  • On the tip of my tongue is just saying ‘no’ because ‘no’ I don’t have time; ‘no’ I don’t have the strength; ‘no’ I just don’t want to do this for whatever reason, but still always saying ‘yes’. 

At some point, these words have all been on the very tip of my tongue. Some I have managed to say and some have never been uttered. Some I have discussed with others to help me find the right words. Some build up and spill out!

Without a doubt, most of us have struggled to say similar things.

The inspiration for ‘On the tip of my tongue’ hasn’t come from a particular moment or a conversation that was difficult for us to have, that made us think ‘that would make a great piece of art’. It built over time and in the acceptance that our own weakness is failing to say things that we want or need to say, to say things that would protect us.

I struggle with finding the rights words all the time and often say something that was not quite what I meant (goodness I loath public speaking). I am in awe of people who have all the right words and share them with confidence and finesse. I spend time developing my knowledge so that I can say things with confidence. I put myself in situations where I have to speak publically and I rehearse that phone call that I’m dreading! In fact there’s something I want to share with someone important at the moment, but I fear it's the wrong time to share it. But I will eventually find a way and the right time.  

‘On the tip of my tongue’ is a sharing of those moments with everyone; where we can find out how others find, or don’t find, the words. Difficult conversations come in a multitude of forms: confrontations and disagreements with people you don't want to hurt and people you may never see again, declarations of love, goodbyes. We try to avoid them and bear the burden but sooner or later the unsayable has to be said.

‘On the tip of my tongue' creates a forum which navigates private spaces and feelings: exploring the conversations we struggle to have, the difficult words we don't want to say and the things that we never say, and see this translated into many different art forms. For me, I translate it into movement, but more about that another time.

During this project we hope to witness expressions of love, discussions around money and poverty, confrontation, bereavement, disability, old age and breakdown of relationships. They may be comical moments of embarrassing admission, they may be expressions of love, they may be life changing, they may be unbearable and heartbreaking or just mundane.

If you would like to explore these themes with us please apply to be an artist for ‘On the tip of my tongue…’. We will work with to curate your performance.

Written by Alice Ling (@tongue_tip)