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Steve Burden

Constantina Hadjisavva

Aqeel Solangi

Nichola Wagg

We are a group of full time students currently studying together on the MA Fine Art course at Bath Spa University. While diverse, our work is linked through a common theme of the unseen. People, places, objects and feelings normally hidden or overlooked are core to our work, which encompasses painting, mixed media and installation.  

Using oil paint on different surfaces, Steve Burden’s work is an exploration of identity and what lies behind the mask we all wear. He is interested in how a works meaning emerges from a process of reading as much as from the making. His goal is not to render subjects in paint but rather allow the painting to do the thinking, allowing chance and accident into the outcome.

Steve Burden - Self Portrait

Constantina Hadjisavva is an artist from Cyprus. She completed her Bachelor degree in Fine Art at Aristotle University of Fine Arts (Thessaloniki/GR) in 2014 and she is currently an MA Fine Art student at Bath Spa University/UK. Through installation and sculpture making, she reflects her emotions, thoughts and concerns as she finds these the best way to communicate her feelings with her audience and her self. Her work has been affected from different events occasionally but these are always represented through raw-industrial materials, which are connected to her hometown as these kinds of objects came across through her daily routine there.


Constantina Hadjisavva - untitled

In juxtaposing objects from different times and locations to create an impossible tension, Aqeel Solangi’s work is an investigation of the symbolic meaning of space and place. His work is about exploration of places that we experience. Places and/or places in relation to human conditions by depicting scenes from everyday life. It’s about sharing stories about places. Our relation to the place can be traced through various levels: it could be, Spiritual, Ideological, Biographical etc. so in a way every place has its own influence on how we relate to it. In juxtaposing objects from different times and locations, his work is an investigation of the symbolic meaning of space and place. With his exhibited work the Flag carries an emblematic tie to a place that binds people and places together.

Aqeel Solangi - Untitled

Nichola Wagg focuses on the consumerism in everyday life, highlighting what we might place value on by comparing it to things we might not. She looks at the everyday mundane, and thinks why it looks like it does.  Understanding a sort of excitement in painting something she loves. She has a fascination with perfectly useless consumer goods. Like toys, doughnuts, cushions and anything that looks bright and cheerful. Her work is all about the celebration of life.


Nichola Wagg - untitled