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utopia:dystopia EVENTS

FOWL by Ruby Tingle, performance artist, Walcot Chapel, Saturday 4th June

utopia:dystopia in conversation
Saturday 28th

Walk ONE: Open the conversation, stretch minds and legs
11am - 1pm
Meet at reception, Bath School of Art and Design
Out of the enchanted city, over the fields, up the hill and back again down the road.
Approx. 3 mile walk. 

The celebrated walker artist, Richard White conducts tours through Bath, uncovering hidden dystopias in this most utopian of cities. Walkers are invited to consider, share thoughts and generate resonances on some of the dystopian aspects of Bath and the people who made it - not least its ambivalent relationship with slavery.

Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe
1.30pm – 5.30pm
Bath School of Art and Design Lecture Theatre
Free admission

A free and open conversation where artists, writers, thinkers and anyone else who wants to join in can engage with themes that correspond with the best of our aspirations and the worst of our nightmares.

Speakers include writer and critic Rachel Withers exploring how utopia and its opposite have manifested themselves in history and culture since the time of Thomas More. Joined by Kate Rigby, author of Changing the Climate: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe and newly appointed Professor of Environmental Humanities at Bath Spa University, shows just how relevant the concepts are to the crises we face in modern times.

Walk TWO: Wayfaring in the Enchanted City
5pm – 7pm
Following on from Bath School of Art and Design Lecture Theatre

The conversation continues with Richard Wright in the café, online and on foot walking through the heart of utopian Bath, approx. 7pm arrival at "Bath’s Artisan Quarter" to visit the exhibitions, commencing at The Bell, in Walcot Street.



EXISTENTIAL PET SHOP with Marc Parrett, kinetic artist
Saturday 28th - Monday 30th May
Throughout the day
Walcot Chapel
Free admission

Join us throughout the opening weekend of Fringe Arts Bath and step in to the wonderful world of kinetic artist, puppet maker and pupperty director Marc Parret. Founder and former Artistic Director of Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company, Marc has worked with BBC3, Tobacco Factory Theatre, Green Ginger, Ardman Animations and Travelling Light.

LIBERATED WORDS presents Poetry Films along the themes of Utopia/Dystopia
Thursday 2nd and Thursday 9th June

Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution
Tickets: £5/£3 Concs

Commemorating the 500th anniversary of Thomas More's Utopia and as part of our Poetry Film + special events Liberated Words is proud to present an international selection of films from top international poetry filmmakers.

FOWL by Ruby Tingle, performance artist
Saturday 4th June
Presentations throughout the day between:
12pm – 5pm
Walcot Chapel
Free admission

With devised sound works and spectacular costume, multidisciplinary artist Ruby Tingle will be presenting a live art piece inspired by birds of paradise. Exploring the notion of ‘utopian’ creatures and environment her performance draws on the ever present topics of habitat destruction, conversation and the environmental issues we currently face.



by Duncan Shaw, Marie Lister and Alexandra Fraser
Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June

Presentations throughout the day between:
12pm – 5pm
Walcot Chapel
Free admission

'We propose that dissatisfaction is part of the human condition, alongside the unhealthy pursuit of pleasure, greed and longing for status. Thus as technology and quality of life moves our world towards a superficial utopia we personally and in isolation find ourselves falling into a lonely dystopia.'

Singer and visual artist Marie Lister, classically trained actor Duncan Shaw and visual and performance artist Alexandra Fraser present ADDICTION. Merging music, performance and visual arts to collaborate in a multidisciplinary happening.


utopia:dystopia artists and public discussion
Sunday 5th June
3 - 4.30pm
Walcot Chapel
Free admission

A free-ranging discussion involving artists and visitors with poetic interventions by award winning eco-poet Helen Moore.


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