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Vulpes Vulpes

Venue: Walcot Chapel
Opening night: Fri May 28th 6pm - 9pm
Opening days / times: Sat 29th May-Sat 12th June 11am-5pm, Sun 13th 11am-3pm.
The project draws on our experience of studying in Bath; particularly our memories of living in the former halls of residence at Somerset Place. We revisited Somerset Place crescent and from this journey produce the work, in the form of a set of interventions, installation, photographs, drawings, sound and film that explore our relationship to the space and with our former selves as residents of the now empty crescent. We have documented the process and produce a mini multimedia archive of ours and other former residents experiences to be shown in Walcot Chapel. 
Artists: Adam Burton; Ben Garrod; Anna Stephens; Laurie Storey; Carla Wright; Scott Massey

Vulpes Vulpes Gallery has hosted nine exhibitions, a variety of community based events including performance and educational workshops.  We are a non-profit organisation located in Clapton, London, based in a Victorian warehouse building. As well as the gallery space we have set up artist studios and an international residency scheme. 

We promote the visual arts by showcasing work by early to mid career artists and developing public enjoyment and access to the arts on a number of levels. Most of the projects have been curated collaboratively by us, some showing both our own work and the work of other artists.