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White & Black

Curated by Vicky Vatcher
Submission deadline has now passed.

I have always been fascinated by black and white designs. I am wanting to explore this apparent simplicity through various mediums but add the idea that we can also create things that make you look twice and think twice. Monochrome, or the absence of primary colour, can show us different things about a scene, a place, a point-of-view.


No more entries please.

I'm very pleased with the responce I have had and now I'm focusing on choosing a variety of work.

Will be getting back to everyone after 3 April.

One more picture - again from Saatchi, London.



Please open the enclosure below. Anamation, street art, from London near Warren Street station. Are there any anamation artists out there?!




Aidan - Revelations

Another visit to London and the Saatchi gallery. Spellbound by this extraordinary body of work. Many things to say but I'm inserting an image to display another approach to White& Black. Aidan's work comes havily laden with cultural codes that are both upended, placed is unusual contexts, and embraced. This piece is carved in natually coloured marbel. Below: Oranta (2012).


I currently have 12 Artisit proposals, with a wide varity of experiments in monochrome. This is going to be a very viable project.


White & Black

Four diverse entries so far - a photographer, a painter, someone who makes signs and slogans, an artist whose primary medium is black biro drawing. All valid contributions.

Please encourage others to apply and explore monochrome. Explore White & Black as a political slogan, as a literary idea, as the title of a poem, an embroidary, a pot, a film, a performance as well as a 2D visual experience.



White & Black - examples

I saw this installation by the Ukrainian Artist - Roman Mikahaylov - at Saatchi Gallery, in London, last month.

These submarine shapes are made from found pieces of wood and coloured black by burning - a simple technique that contributes to the impression of an ominous fleet. A really powerful use of White & Black.