Soft Rebels Revealed! #2

Jack Paffett

  On the Brink Of.  110 x 90cm. Oil and Acrylic. 2017 

On the Brink Of. 110 x 90cm. Oil and Acrylic. 2017 

'My paintings don’t have end points; they continually evolve through the application of paint, in a struggle to find what only paint can display. Allowing aesthetic qualities on the canvas to determine my next action. The paintings sit in an area of tension between construction and destruction; they are over painted, erased, before being built up again. Evolving from studies I take from my own experiences, I like the idea of the paintings being in constant transgression. reflecting the fluid nature of the paint by slipping from one conclusion to the next. Gestures form through spontaneous impulses, encouraging the viewer to question and decipher the ambiguous spaces in front of them. '

Amy-Lou Matthews

 Nail Play (Mirror Installation) 2. 2017

Nail Play (Mirror Installation) 2. 2017

'My work examines binary relationships, particularly the relationship with ourselves and the space(s), both mental and physical we inhabit. This often done by the creation of multiples of myself in photographic images, but also incorporates improvisational performance, choreography and stage in an attempt to blur the line between virtual and actual.

I have been fascinated with a sense of duality and mirroring, particularly with myself. Previously, I have been the subject and object, performer and director.'

I have begun to shift my attentions on to the role of the audience and invite them into the process, with distortions. I want to flip the traditional relationship between artwork an audience and transform the spectator into an unintentional performer.