Bath Photography Festival 2018

In association with ‘Fringe Arts Bath Festival’ we bring you the first ‘Bath Photography Festival’. The aim of the festival is to promote photography as a way of communicating ideas and thoughts. Bath has a rich photographic heritage; it is the home of the Royal Photographic Society
and the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock Abbey is only 15 miles away.

Real / Unreal

We are bombarded with photographic imagery every day, through news channels, social media, posters, signs and product labels. These images can inspire us, make us question and influence us. However, are these images real or portraying the truth?

Ever since the photography was invented, images have been doctored. The media lends itself to many editing processes; this allows the photographer to change what they see and therefore the viewer’s perception.

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Venues: Society Café & Boston Tea Party (Kingsmead Square, BA1 2AB) and Green Park Brasserie (Green Park St, BA1 1JB). Click each business' name to see their opening times - 26 May to 10 June